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Adding sugar to nutrient tank!

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Swing has been reading on a lot of yankie and dutch sites about adding sugar to the nutrient mix during flore will increase size of buds and final yeild quite alot.


Anyone had any experiance in this?Does it work?


Swing bought a tree fern from the nursery last week and the store owner said to give the fern a cup of sugar every few months and it will grow heaps better

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Treeferns or manferns as they are called here absorb their nutrients in a different manner to mj, sugar is not good for mj plants.



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Guest Urbanhog

Maybe its because of the CO2 from the gases in the softdrinks? But increase of CO2 in water will cause root rot? I mean lack of oxgyen in the roots?


Sounds all silly here... but I have heard many crazy ways anyway. :P


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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It's interesting to se this come up here.


A whiles back, someone started a thread of "old wives tales" or stange things at least that we have heard in our experiences of growing ganja.


All kinds of strange and wonderful things came up, and I recalled a time when we as youth, but certainly the adults of the time (as this is where and who we learned from; no internet back then) had this same idea.


The way we understood it, was to have a 5 gallon drum boiling close by to the main crop, ready to go. Next, you'd start to saturate the water with sugar, then supersaturate it. It took quiet a bit of sugar.


Pull the plant out of the soil and shake the loose cods of soil from it. Then plunge the roots.


The theory was that the plant absorbed the sugar through the roots, an along with the typical hanging of the plants in the air, the sugar travelled through the capiliary and added weight to the bud. My only quuestion is, if it worked, why did we all stop?


Anyway, yep; I've heard of it, but unfortunately I can't say now.



robSorry all, I just re-read the original post, and the point is putting sugar in withthe nutes, not dm0ing the roots in a cooking pot of sugarat harvest. Personally I wouldn't put anything in the nutrient tank, unless it is known to have nutrients, what sort and in what degress.


Sorry about the confusion

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