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What system to use?

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At the moment i think i'm using a NFT system (i'll explain the system quickly so you know what it is)

there's a 50 letre res. pump in res going upto 4" pvc which is in a U shape. 8 pots in total, Air stone under each pot. what is this called? and are there any other easier setups to go for? i've noticed at hydro shops they have similiar setups but instead of a round grow bed (the 4"pvc pipe) they are using a flat type gutter for the grow bed and water just trickels along the bottom. no need for air cuz there is no water depth so there's plenty or air on the roots.


Or, do i just get buckets, fill em up with dirt and wack em under lights and just hand water em whenever?


ideas plzzzzz, i got 20 plants that have poped here and i need a new system but dunno what to do.


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Check out my signature for links that describe my setup, others are described in the hydro and set-up & design forums. Do you have a grow space and the lighting to support up to twenty mature plants?



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for ease of use, either a bucket drip system, or a flood and drain tray, both with clay balls as a medium.





A 1200X1200 flood and drain tray with clay balls will hold about 16 plants under a 1000w HPS.

Very simple principle:- tray sits on stand 600mm above floor with a 50litre res under the tray, which a small powerhead on a timer pumps water into it.






16 individual buckets 150mm radius and about 300mm deep into which 16 150mm by 200mm deep perforated baskets sit.

The baskets are filled with clay balls and are fed by a drip feeder on top of the clay. The water runs through the clay blasket into the bottom of the outside bucket and then a return pipe runs the water back to the resi by gravity, only draw back is that the buckets have to be higher then resi, so you will need some type of stand.

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