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backyard growing

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Guest sabator

High risk of being caught???


Could you please fill us in on some details??


How many plants??

Were are you growing?? ie in the suburbs??? in a outback town??


Whats the back yard like??? Can passer byes c???


People on this web site can be a great help............. But were not physic. :)




Reguards Sabator

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do you have nosey neighbours?


are you in a low area where surrounding houses/buildings look into your back yard?


do you own or rent?


are you under any low level flight paths?


do you have kids that play with other people's kids in your back yard?


are you able to hide your grow so that no one can see it unless they come looking for it?


the answers to these questions will probably tell you whether or not its a good idea......

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Don't be lulled into a false sense of security by how we do things over here, you can cop heaps more than us if you get busted.


There are ways you can grow in yards that others can see into but we need to know about how the people can see into your yard, is it by looking over a fence?, from upstairs windows?, do visitors go into your yard?, etc. If you have an area that is or can be made safe from prying eyes and gets enough sunlight then we can get started on something.



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Just be creative .. Tie the plant down to disguise it's characteristic shape, put some potted flowers around it, build a small tool shed with a semi-clear roof, etc. I grew one plant last winter in my yard and none of my visitors noticed it (or said if they did). It was tied down and behind a row of spinach. Still getting throo' it ..
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