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Indoor growing books and CO2?

Guest sabator

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Guest sabator

Hi guys.


My first question is.


Which book available of 420 or another site which some one can supply the link for is the best for indoor growing. By that i mean one that covers both hydro and soil and all the problems that come with.


Does such a book exist??

By the way i would prefer an Aus writer. (support my country hehehehe)




Second and very diff question.



Co2 from home made beer? Ive got a BIG home brewing kit under the house some were and i was think about getting it going just for the CO2 it produces. Now i do have the odd beer but curtainly not in the volumes i will be produceing.


Is this worth all the trouble and cost?? Or should i not bother???

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While the idea of having something in writing that you can take anywhere is handy, I've never found a book that is as up to date as the net. Just print out the bits you like and put em in a folder. Put the money into your rig. Plus I wouldn't like to buy a growing book off the net with my credit card - security?

As for the beer brew - I'm sure I've heard about mull beer but don't have a recipe. The co2 would be handy, as long as the smell doesn't get too much. If it's not gonna cost you too much the co2 would increase your yield, and you'd always have a beer when a mate drops over.

Brew on, Bong on

And ya made it all yaself.



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Guest Urbanhog
As for the beer brew - I'm sure I've heard about mull beer but don't have a recipe.

I have some information in my Green Eggs and Ham forum, this site sells great book called "MJ beers" also :D


I have a copy myself too.... very informative :D


Urbanhog http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/contrib/sp/chefico.gif

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