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Turbotanks. (NFT 424, etc)


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Just wondering if anyone has had experience with these or any other NFT systems? I conducted a search here, but could find nothing about Turbotanks.


The NFT 424 etc, are basically the same thing and have received great reviews on www.overgrow and similar boards.


The home is www.turbotank.com.au/intro.htm


I think I'll grab four 1.1m tanks with a 600w over each.


(As you can see, I'm still deciding which system to use :P )

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Actually, a friend of mine who has NO growing experience whatsoever and didn't know a damn thing about hyrdoponics at all is just about to pull a nice looking crop from three plants in one of the shorter turbo tanks. I was impressed; for a first grow and a bloke who didn't have meters or any gear at all really, he has a trio of lovely ladies who are so heavy they've each had to be tied twice to hold them up.
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