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Welcome all,


Well yes i am planning my first indoor grow.. !!!


So would like ur ideas on my plan, i plan to build my box this weekend...


I only wanna grow at the most 2 plants in it..


So it doesnt need to be big and i dont have the best budget


So what size do u guys recommend..


What lights do u recommend and what strain do u recommend...


I will order from SPC for sure !!!






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Small does not necessarily mean cheap, a 400w in a wardrobe would grow 2 plants, the same light in a larger space could handle 4 - 6 plants and the wardrobe would need more powerful ventilation to keep the heat down. You could use fluoro's in a small cupboard if you like, but you are not going to get even close to the yield that you would get using a HID light.


To make recommendations we need to know how much space you have available for a grow box/room, how much money you can spend on the project and how much mj you smoke in 3 - 4 months, then we can start looking for budget ways to make your box/room.



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Hi Azza,

yes you are excited. I'd suggest checking out the growroom forums here and on www.overgrow.com

See how it all would fit into your space, and you'll get some good ideas for small setups. Take the extra time

to do the homework now, cause it'll be a real pain rebuilding it all in three months time when you change your mind......

And don't skimp on lights. Get a 400 wtt hps - perfect for a small setup. Good luck. May your trail always be green.


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how much:

Only need 2-4 Ounces if that, Doing it more for the hobby with a nice reward.

The hobby of growing is the only addictive thing I have found about mj, I already produce enough to be self sufficeint and now I just bought a light mover. If you grow a crop of 12 - 16 ounces then you will only need to run the grow room once a year.



Dont wanna spend much more then say $600.

I could replace my whole grow set-up for around $600 (not including the shed), check out the link in my signature.



A box to put in garage..

Get two wardrobes of the same design from an Op Shop or similar, fasten them together back to back and then cut the backs out from the inside, store stuff on top and around them and you have a stealth grow room that can handle a 400w or 600w HID with no worries. This method should cost much less than $600 and probably leave you enough change to buy some clones with.

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hi Azza...if you only want to grow 2-4oz then i wouldnt waste my money on a 400 son-t for it creates to much heat especialy if you r puting i your shed your best bett would b either 1 or 2 160watt hps lights they r only 20bucks a piece and go into a standard light sockett...

put them in a 2foot by 1 foot cupbord or box x 3foot high

with a 12 inch computer fan for ventilation hand feed so that they r getting fresh nute every time and you will pull atlease 4oz a plant min..for this is what i use for my mothers and i pull between 4-6oz @plant ...good luck and it all cost under $100 to do ..cheers B)

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My ideal Set up so far:


Globe: Son T Agro HPS 400w Philips 55000 lumens $60.00

Reflector: Manta 600 Reflector $75.00

Control: 400W HPS Multipulsed Ignitor Control Box $105.00

Insides: Panda Film 5m X 3m Wide $33.00

Cooling: 200mm Ceiling Exhaust Fan $30.00

Cooling: 15cm Circulating Fan $25.00







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I tried a 20cm oscillating fan on my last grow but have gone back to a 30cm as the 20cm didn't seem to do a good enough job. All the other gear seems pretty good to me.



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