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Flouros with clones

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i've been hearing quite a bit about how loads of people use compact flouros for their mother/clone setups. Why is this? wouldn't it be better to use stronger lights for growing them? and also, why should a mother clone setup be placed seperatly to a veg room?


thanks for any info



p.s. i found this light around my place wchich looks exactly like a compact flouro but says on the side "Low Energy linear bulb. Not adjustable light intensity" and is A class when it comes to Energy (it says 600 lumens, 11 Watts 10000 h), would this be suitable for the mother clone setup, or would i need stronger?


thanks a mill

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Hey crazychicken,

what i've heard about compact flouros is that the light spectrum produced from them is not suitable for growing, to high in red.Even though they produce lumens they result in slow growth.You would be better off using normal flouros depending on how many clones you need.The more lumens (400watt has 10,000 lumen) the more growth. One reason for seperating the vegging from the mother room is to protect yourself against pest and disease killing everything.Beside that, both mother and vegging will work together.Hope this helped

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Caaallll crazy chicken. Oh no that was super chicken.


When people say flouros, they mean the tube ones that come in two foot or four foot length. Grolux make a range of them, softer for cloning, brighter for vegging, although I use the power glo for everything. Some people insist normal warm white flouro tubes are fine,

but I've used them both and the plant specific type are a lot better, especially for cloning.

As for the seperate mother/clone room, it goes like this:

In your bigger room with the hid light you grow plants in veg mode for about 2 weeks then flower them. This is a recurring cycle - for me it's every 10 weeks (2 weeks veg, 8 weeks bloom). SO that's one whole cycle happening in that room. Now, in a little space somewhere else, even a shelf in a cupboard you set up either a 4 foot flouro or a couple of 2 footers, depending on the shape. The flouros dont give off much heat, so you don't need any big exhausts, like the bloom room.

It also deosn't smell much, because nothing flowers in here...it is like an infertile ward. In here the light is on 24 hours, unlike the bloom room. It is like the antarctic summer.

In here you keep bonsaied females of the strains you are growing - called mothers. From these you take your cuttings, and due to the constant pruning and 24 hour light they consantly grow new shoots. Here's where having the 2 two foot lights comes in handy because you can lower one over the dome covering your clones,

leaving the other one at a good height for the mums.

Once the clone root, you'll grow them on onder the flouros till you pull your current crop. Then on the day you harvest, the new cuttings, now about 2 months old

get banged into the bloom room and go off. @ weeks of hid lighting and they are like bushes. Then it's into 12 hours dark/light for 8 weeks (depending on the strain. Your times may vary. Please consult your physician).

Meanwhile--back in the mother/veg room you just took a new batch of cuttings from the mums, and they're on they're way to rootin.

So - there ya have it - the whole thing is designed to give you a perpetual harvest, rather than having to wait up to 4 months for some strains in one room, you can be harvesting every 10 weeks, maybe even quicker.

Find the room, your harvest will thank you.


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