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lights down to 12 or less

Guest elefunk_delivers

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Guest elefunk_delivers

hey if i utrn my lights down from 12 to say about 10 hours within the flowering period will it.. help speed up the flowering process..

i ask this coz.. my buds dont seem to b gettin any bigger... and its on the 7th week.. of flowering and i was going to flush on the 8th..

or r my eyes playing tricks on me coz i watch them too much..?

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You are being impatient :D leave them on 12/12, forget the 7 - 8 weeks of flowering hype, the plants will grow in their own time.


or r my eyes playing tricks on me coz i watch them too much..?


Quite possibly, mine do.


How do your buds look compared to the attached chart?




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Tom's right ya know. Stinky Pete, (my growing guru who now lives in a hideaway on the coast) was always the one who told me to wait. Don't believe the hype.

The same strain grown two houses apart can differ.

You have to wait till the strain is ripe in your environment. Pick a few of the riper ones off if your gettin toey - I know I do. But, the last 2 weeks of ripening - and it sounds like you're getting into that now - are the el primo growth spurt days. I have seen buds almost growing in front of my eyes in the last week of a grow. It also results in a heavier stone as the trichomes ripen. I know ther's a lot of talk about trichomes nowdays - their like the new clitoris - half of us can't even find the bloody things with a magnifying glass. But Stinky Pete always says - "Start a flushin when half ya buds are blushin, cause ya harvest will be through in another week or two..."

Happy Harvesting



If you look in the growing posts Under 'low cost home hydro' there's a pic of one of my first harvests - still heaps of very white hairs - I was so young and foolish, heh heh..

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