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The Cage, from The Pollinator Company.


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Anyone ever seen this before? I have seen similar, but on a larger scale. This size seems more realistic.


This is directly from The Pollinator Company website. I am cautious of cutting and pasting, so I have edited it a little:


"The Pollinator Company is proud to be the European distributor of "THE CAGE". It is the newest and most innovative product on the market. By using the Cylindrical Growing Technique, you are maximizing your growing area. THE CAGE takes up only 120 cm squared of floor space; thus utilizing the vertical space that has previously been saved for plant height compensation. You can expect the same yields as two traditional flat 1.25 m x 2.75 m gardens. By using equidistant lighting, the plants receive maximum lumens while using minimal power.


THE CAGE consists of 12 columns, each with 6 plant sites. This gives the 72 plants each one square foot of growing space. To date yields have ranged from 1kg to 3kg, which is 15gr to 42gr per plant depending on the gardeners experience and the type of plant grown. The largest plant yield recorded is 77gr."


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Variations of it pop up here every now and then, from the comments I've heard it is not suited to mj and with the cost and the space requirements people have found it better and cheaper to build a proper grow room. There is a topic on one around here somewhere but I couldn't find it, another member may know where it is.



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So, you think the claims they make regarding yeild are inaccurate?


Can't say yes or no to that, but many sales people tend to talk up a product, I would do some pretty extensive research before spending on something like that.


As a point of reference, the set up cost of my grow room would be around the $600 mark.




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