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if you want to learn to grow!!!

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look!if you just pick up some books on gardening and improving your soil and composting and growing veg / flowers you can learn so much that you can then use to grow some nice dope cause you know the basics.try and grow some things from the book and get some seedlings of flower/veg or sow some seed and experiment with them and see if you can grow a tomatoe or better yet go and ask your grand father how he grows a good garden you can lean alot from an old gardener...happy herb.
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Although it is a good idea if you do have grandparents although I dont so I have to do it the long way I have been researching the 3 seed strains that I have picked from about 30 other strains for the last 2 weeks but it took me about 2 months to get to where I am no and I think it might take me another month or so to choose the strain but eventually I will purchase the other two strains?
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yes my grand parents are now gone aswell but the older generation gardeners know how to get a garden going.yea its taken me 5 months to get to where i am but ive lernt alot more than gardening.but as i said you cant go wrong to get a good book on gardening and lern the basics to at least give somebody with no idea a good start...happy herb...........
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