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I've only ever veged under HPS, I use CF's for seedlings and clone then straight to HPS for veg and flower. This is sensi skunk vegged LST under HPS. The sensi site says that sensi skunk is a lanky indica. I didn't find it that way.



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Conventional thinking for a long time was MH is best for vegging and HPS is best for flower. However over the past couple of years there seems to be a shift in this thinking with a lot of growers noticing that HPS is just as good if not better in veg. The reality is plants will grow best with a combination of MH and HPS light but for small personal setups this is impracticle. A horticultural lamp like the Phillips Son T Agro is the best bet as the spectrums emitted are mostly HPS with some MH and they are specifically designed for optimum plant growth.


If you had a spare MH light lying around you would use it, but really HPS all the way is the go in my opinion.

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