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Nimbin Mardi Grass 2013


Events and Festivals

Event details



"MardiGrass 2013 will be a whole new experience in May", says MOB President Michael Balderstone. "There's a new venue in the middle of the village behind the Town Hall on private

land that will work beautifully. Weather is the biggest factor as usual, but the natural amphitheatre drains well and is next to the Town Hall for our wet weather retreat. Sibley Street

will stay open and we won't be using Peace Park. Food and other stalls will be on the bitumen in the car parks behind the Town Hall and the laundromat. The main entry will be on the road beside the Hall.


The new venue is perfect for the Hemp Olympix Growers Iron Person Event and Bong Throw, and if the weather permits using an outside stage, a bit of the old Aquarius magic will return. It is part of that land used in 1973 and there are plans for an Aquarian Village of teepees and a dome as the Fortieth Aquarius celebrations flow on after MardiGrass.


There is renewed belief in cannabis law reform thanks to the changes in America and the current NSW Inquiry into Medical Cannabis adds to the anticipation. Their report comes out only a couple of weeks after MardiGrass and even though Barry O'Farrell's government is conservative we remain optimistic time for change has arrived.


All the usual MardiGrass events are in the pipeline including the Town Hall Forum, Kombi Konvoy, Million Marijuana March, Pot Poetry and Pot Art, Pickers and Harvest Balls etc etc. New events planned include the 'Let's pretend we're in Colorado minute'.


Please contact the MOB if you would like to help, or even better come to the weekly MardiGrass Organising Body meetings every Friday from 5pm at the Nimbin HEMP Embassy."




Music bands from all over the country!


Anarchist Duck (gold Coast)

Goonbag (Geelong, vic)

Neil Pike



Mind Candy Community Brainstorm


In 2013, the annual Mardi Grass forums, talks and workshops will deliver another astounding line-up of expert heads - and that includes YOU!


Come to the Town Hall and imagine Nimbin after Weed is Legal at the Mind Candy Community Brainstorm. Special guests Fiona Patten [Australian Sex Party] Alex Wodak [Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation] Matt Reilly [Cannabis Law Reform] Cate Faerhmann [Greens NSW MP] and other speakers to be announced, will lead discussions on how to be an effective campaigner and activist for cannabis law reform. John Jiggens [Author, Sir Joseph Banks and the Question of Hemp] has a special talk planned on the size of the Australian illicit drug trade, the cost of drug law enforcement and the amount of money a tax on the illicit drug trade could earn.


The Farmer's HEMP Tent will host sessions covering recent advances in hemp agriculture and commerce; building with hemp; and hemp seed uses and products. We also plan displays and demos of building with hemp fibre. Interested in the medicinal use of cannabis? Mullaways Medical Tent in the Town Hall Garden promises talks and discussions as well as practical workshops with tips on making tinctures.



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