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Melbourne Protest March for Adult Cannabis Cultivation-Use Amnesty/Exemption for Health and Wellbeing


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Protest Rally for Amnesty/Exemption for the cultivation of cannabis by Adults for health and well being.


The meeting place is Treasury Gardens, the march will commence at 1.00pm and in a peacfull manner we will march to Parliment House where the speakers will adress the crowd.


Speakers include;

Heather Gladman

Matt Pallett

Lewis Freeman-Harrison

and more....


Heather Gladman started a hunger strike to raise awareness about the people still suffering the fait of cannabisprohibitive laws that are negatively affecting the community.


Heather would love if the entire community can come together on Sunday in one voice and tell the government that their Special Access Systemis not even close to meeting the needs and expectations of the community.


The hundreds of people that met with the government Lawyers the VLRC, they were not even considered in the special access systemthe government has committed for Victorians and these people and many orthers need amnesty to producetheir owen cannabis for their health and well being.


Heather is camping at Treasury Gardens untill Sunday continuing to raise awareness with many passers by stopping, signing the petition chatting, taking information.


People are starting to camp out with Heather in support and the crowed is expected toget bigger untill Sundays rally.


Heather will end her Hunger Strike on Sunday at the conclussion of the rally.



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