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The show begins



Well hello hello, so you come here often??


anyhoo down to bizzo i been abit slack and not updated (as always) so here we go.


Lets see where to start where to start hmmmmmm well the BadAssBerry is firing on all cylinders in the last shots she was only just veging and has now hit the screen and thrown into flower and is really starting to fill the screen up nicely. So on flipping the switch i dumped the resy and filled with 40lt rain water (always use rain water for my bitches) to this i added canna flora 2 part nutes at reco dose and then some superthrive (1 drop per litre) and some monstabud (5ml per 1lt) they will sit with this mix for 2 weeks to allow stretch and then hit with superbud for 2 weeks then PK13/14 for 1 week, full flush and onto ozitonic for the last few weeks.


just hit the screen



1 week in flower and screen pretty much full lol





So now the malawi project is really exciting me this round i have a firm feeling that these 2 plants (even know there was 6 clones they were takin from 2 differant mother plants) are really getting used to indoors. They have stretched well and are well on there way to producing some fat buds. First shots were takin a few weeks ago and you can see the start of flower development. In the second shot you can see them just after the PK13/14 was added, so im hoping for quiet a large explosion in flower growth in the comming weeks. Now i may have made a mistake with the PK and added abit early as i usually add halfway through flower so added at week 6 but usually im playing with a 8 week strain so @ halfway through its got 4 weeks on the end, where as this time i will have 6-8 weeks so may even add it a second time abit further on hmmmmm will toss that idea around in my head for a few weeks and see what happens lol.


about week 4-5 flower



About week 6-7





Now this is where last time they hit another stretch cycle and ended up going through the roof lol so lets hope that it dont happen again but the buds were no where near as developed as they are already so fingers crossed with this one :yeah:


Ok so main room has been veging for just over 2 weeks and is almost ready for the flip into flower im just waiting till im happy with the size of em and then BAM is business time (*stoney starts humming "its business time" by flight of the concords*)


Starting to veg and take shape (Stress training already done)

Right side



Left side



Now veging noicely not to far away from flipping the switch

Right side



Left side




Soooooo there you have it so far the real fun just about to begin so will make sure i get off my ass and keep the pics flowing


cheerz to you all :sdj:


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Your garden is growing well there Stoney.... Would love to have even have the space you have! :)


And I'm loving the look of the malawi! ^_^ Sooo purdy!


And yeah, update more often ya slack bugger! :)



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yeah i like me space its what alot of my Ex's dont realize hehehehe


and yes i promise more frequent updates from now on :bongon: those pics were about a week old and im about to do a foliar feed tonight so who knows maybe even more pics


oh and BTW ya aint even seen my other room yet ^_^

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Yeps, space is a good thing. Both work space and personal space. It's what is driving me mad about Miss 4 n 5, they don't yet understand the meaning of "personal space"! ^_^


Can't wait to see more recent pics of ur gurls. Bet they have grown a fair bit. :)


The other room? You have ANOTHER ROOM?! Bastard! :)



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