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A New Begining



Ok ladies and gents


well i have been trying to keep yas updated with all my shananagins but never find the time to update and keep track of all my diarys so i thought fuck it why not start a 'stoney blog' that way i can show ya all thats going on in the land of stoney without having to update 4-5 diary's :blink: ( yes its the lazy option)


So whats been happening my way wellllll lets see


i have upgraded my main room and also have another room on the way and not to mention my 2 experiment wardrobe grows and my mums and a few new genetics being added.... But WOW WOW lets not get ahead of ourselves lets start with the main room upgrade shal we :bongon:


so ok the last time ya saw the main room it was a 6 pot recirc system set up on a F&D table flowing back to a 50lt resy so what i come up with was an upgrade to a 8 pot system pissed the F&D table off, upgraded the pot sizes and am running them straight back to twin 60lt res tanks, so will be doing a few side by side grows to compare things like nutes, additives and PGR's


anyhoo here is the scrapped room will be starting with twin 600w HPS lamps will be upgraded to twin 1000w HPS down the tracks now room size is 3m x 2m x 2m so away we go



Add a few milk crates (off the back of a truck literally :blink:) to raise the pots above res level to achieve proper flowback



ok so my pots are 33lt Tubs these will be used as a tub in tub system, so this is a 8 pot system so i needed 16 tubs, so the bottom tubs are drilled with a 16mm hole saw



then a 13mm grommet is added



then a 13mm hose attachment is added



Ok now we have the bottom pots sorted we move onto the inner pots, i drill quite a few drainage holes in the bottom with a 16mm drill piece, the pattern i use is like this



But have experimented with differant designs :)



Ok so now im running 4 pots back to there own res so thats 2 res's so i can do side by side tests (not this run need to iron out any kinks) so i got my hands on 2 60lt res tanks and tapped 4 13mm hoses to it much like i did with the pots



Now for the feed line im using 19mm hose (the pumps already had 19mm taps glued in from other grows so meh i couldn't be fucked changing them) so yeah cut a 19mm whole in the top of each res and sorted the pumps and run the line right down the middle of the 4 pots then added 4 T junction addapters and then fitted 4 feeder rings.





Now its time to add the heat reduction, what i have here is a 250mm centrifugal fan sucking 420lt (i had to get one that sucked 420 as much as i do :)) anyhoo


So after that i turned everything on and added all the clones (for the first run i will be doing WH on the left and BD on the right just to make it easy)



Sooooo there ya have the main room


OK yes i where ya wondering what else an i upto ok so after not having the time to finish the malawi gold diary i thought i would add the second round here.


to be 100% honest i was very unimpressed with the first malawi grow, but hey what do ya expect when ya take a landrace strain thats been growing outdoors for 100's of years and throw it under a pissy 400w HPS :) ya get shoit. Anyhoo from the first grow i took the plants that reacted better to indoor growing and took clones (@ 11 weeks flower mind you :)) ok so they were thrown in the same wardrobe in the same pots but alot more effort was put into spreading them through the screen and kept moving them through the first 3 weeks of flower. So here they are @ 3 weeks flower (remember they pure sativa)



Twin pot shot



and Left side of the screen (mind you the left pot has 4 clones where as the right pot only has 2, deaths meh what can ya do eyyyy)



ok so thats the malawi so far im very happy with it so far looking waaaaaaaayyyy better than the first run (i will try and find a pick of the end of the first grow for yas)


anyhoo back to this bloggy thing (some people just dont keep their's going *ahem*)


so here is abit of an experiment grow i got firing at da moment, this is a strain called Badassberry its from the celtic camp and was gifted to me by a close friend (you know who you are and mucho props) well same setup as the malawi, twin pot in pot under a 400w HPS and as ya can see they loving it



Now with my own 'stoney brand stress training' dont be mistakin with Low stress training :)



Well thats about it so far i will endevour to update as much as i can (unlike some bloggers *ahem rose gardener* :))


hope ya enjoy the ride i shorly will be


woop woop :yeah:


cheerz ya'll :bongon:


Recommended Comments

Why I oughta...... ^_^


I know my blog hasn't been updated for a while, but I haven't been around for a while, so there!


I love your 'stoney brand stress training'. I have a tendency to bend my plants to near breaking point to train them. Not actually broken anything yet. *puts hand on her head* Touch wood...


Seeing people growing with such large amounts of space makes me soooo jealous too! :bongon:

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