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Hydroponic Indoor Set up





Want to set up low cost hydropnic indoor, well under house, 4 plant tent.


I was thinking of going for led light, smallish tent 1.5 m x 1m x 1m, 4 seperate hydro buckets or on multiplant bucket.


I would like some advice on fans and general set up. I am in the Dandenongs and will probably wait till the 30 to 40 degree days are done for the summer: Probably March.


Plus if you know any local growers chat groups I could join that would be awesome or recommendation for hydroponic store that would be cool too


Thanks in advance


very excited about this growing journey and filling my plenty vape with some home grown awesomeness


Happy in the haze...

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G'day Kushon!


I'm new to the forum but been growing for 4-5 years or so and low cost is my jam! I also run a similar size setup and 2 plants get wall to wall quick when done right. Heat can be a real dick in the small space I reckon... A decent extraction fan is a must. That's about the only thing I don't recommend cheaping out on. short of that, my little setup used to only run usb fans (3 of) to circulate air. they last ages, cost 10 bucks from jb hifi and use bugger all power. 1 under the girls pushing the air up, 1 to blow across the heads and 1 blowing across the HPS pushing the air straight at the outlet for the extraction to send the heat out rather than up. Although I have recently-ish 'upgraded' to an old household fan from the tip with the stand removed, hanging upside down in one corner blowing over the heads just on low setting which so far is working a treat. LED's are getting pretty sweet these days but I think given results per $$ you cant go past a HPS. My tent generally runs about 10 degrees above ambient with a 400w HPS so running it on a 12/12 schedule overnight means the temp rarely gets above 30 degrees in the tent. Summer time is a real bitch.... I modified my intake to run through an old dead bar fridge laying down on its back so I could place frozen water bottles in it and actually cool the room which I still use, having said that, though, I don't even bother trying to grow here in central Vic nov-feb as it was just too much work keeping the girls cool. A couple of basic thermostats from bunnings help to manage things help too, one to fire up a heater if it gets cold when the lights are off and one to switch off the extraction to let things warm up. I also run a cheap in line extraction fan on a timer for 15 mins every hour to keep the air exchange happening while the lights are off. All these things were added over time, though. its amazing what you can achieve with minimal $$!


I hope that sheds some light on your sitcho! I'm far from an expert but I do well enough by the motto of "make do with what you've got". You don't need huge dollars to produce some tasty nugs to smoke! (although it does help!) feel free to ask if you'd like me to elaborate on anything I've raised :)



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