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Ok first post and ends with two questions



Ok, so new to this.


I’ve set up a cupboard grow with two autopots with res sitting in adjoining cupboard door (if that makes sense)
I’ve got a 130w led on one side for veg and I’ve got a 300w UFO on the other side for flowering.


I’m using:


aqua flakes
Professor nutrients grow fast, go green, go roots
Canna ok 13-14
And honey


Nutrient strength is 1/4th


This is the first grow so I’m sure this will have a few issues.
I’m in flower now one one side (going purple)
I’ve just started the veg of the other side (autopot isn’t on I’m hand watering once weekly)



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Ok so new problem ‍♂


So I reworked a plug so it was aus instead of Europe,

That isn’t the problem btw I’m a 2nd year sparky.


The problem was I plugged it in to check it was working on a power board that wasn’t on a timer and was a wee bit stoned and forgot and by chance I woke up at 4am before the lights came on 3 days later....and found my veg lights been on 24/0 instead of 20/4 like the flowering UFO next to it.


Fffaaaaarrrrkkkk moment.



I’m also having the weirdest issue with the res, i ph it, let it sit for 20 mins with stirring then ph it and it comes back different numbers, starting to think my ph pen is stoned

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