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train plant




Any suggestions welcome


planted 7/1/18, so almost 4 weeks old in photo
Training plants to grow main trunk horizontal.
Not sure which would provide faster or bigger yields, topping or training?


Lessons learn so far.
Dont over water, now keeping to the 1day fertilizer 1/4 strength, 1 day water, 1 day no water.
Plants love lots of light but hate hot weather, now in shade most of day.
Bugs love these plants (aphids), Neem oil twice a week with weak solution to kill off.


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Gotcha, thanks for advice serrated edge.

Plant is going into 200mm pot in a week or so, plan to veg for 8weeks so I think 200mm is ok? or will a bigger pot still be better option for higher yeild?

Can I also confirm with expert grower that this is a male plant?

2 min just get photo

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