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How do nomads get High



Average younger family of Nomads, traveling Australia, how ... when you dont know peeps in new places you travel to - do you find weed?? especially as introverts ..


without being ripped off $$ or getting really crappy quality or even putting ourselves in situations that we're not comfortable with.


don't suppose anyone can help? or have any ideas?


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Soz no diss intended. I use to drive to nimbin when was in NSW but in SA.

I read to just ask ppl around as its OK. I asked 12+ ppl... Half just look at you like alien or crazy scoz

Just feel very uncomfortable now about asking ppl and ,:(

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Hey guys, now I can contribute something info wise ;)

Nimbin is a bit of ying yang all in one spot. You’ll love it for the couple of hours you’re there but you’ll think “the hills have eyes(or plenty of crackpots). On that note if you see an older Asian guy with a guitar that looks like he’s been doin mushies with the Cheshire Cat, he has. But he’ll play ya some Marley and want some of your joint. Harmless. I think the whole place is pretty harmless (daytime, don’t know about night don’t want to).

How easy is it to get weed? - That was my mates questions when we stood next to the car. We were smokin Bush bud joints before I could answer.

Quality - shop around. The first to hit you up is most likely the crappest. For hash, ask the old guy in the hemp emporium, he’ll get out his microscope and give you a lesson, and a choice :) for hydro go to the aboriginal museum. They seem to always have some or a mate out back. Feel dodgy but it’s not. Also I got the tip once and it was right, get there earlier in the day, more weed, more competitors and apparently junkies(the bad that crept in) flog it cheap early to get a fix.

Prices - tourist prices. There is wheeling and dealing

Variety - you won’t get much choice (breeds etc) but diversity yes. Once in an hour and a half we drove away with some outdoor, hash, Cookies, hydro and some mushies and were smokin a joint rollin past the cop station in the main st. It’s now a little tighter, they bother to say “you didn’t get that from me” where as last time I was there they threw a half pound across my face and said “that’s what I owe ya from yesterday” so yep, interesting place.

I do recommend the old guy in the emporium for local knowledge first up. He’ll even tell ya who not to go too, on the quiet.

Happy travels

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