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42 days later with timed watering



Plants are now 49 days since sprouting and are in a small (160x60x60) hydromax tent with a 125mm Blauberg exhaust fan into a monster 6" Filteroo ready for the stink of flowering. They're already suspiciously dank when I open the tent and they had quickly outgrown my bucket and box spacebuckets. I'm using the box for veging my clones because I plan on flowering in the tent. Below is a group photo of the 3 bagseed girls and their clones. There are 4 daylight white globes and one warm white globe in the middle which makes some of the leaves look oddly yellow - they're not - they're healthy looking.


My current guess at phenotypes is that one is a sativa dom with lighter green, slower growing, slightly longer, thinner leaf blades (at the front) and two indica dom with darker green leaves, faster growth, slightly fatter mature leaf blade shape bad grrrls at the back.




Mothers are all showing female pre-flowers now - 7 weeks seems to be the time for these whatever they are.


In my ignorance, I delayed the growth of the two fastest ones (the two at the back of the tent) by topping too early - 4th node was just appearing when I cut - but those two now effectively have two major trunks and and with LST to the 4 main growing tips, I've exposed at least 8 growing tips on each.


Currently LST work is getting them all level - aiming for 8 main colas per plant.


I'll flip them over to flower soon.


This shows some of the stems I've bent down and out with plant ties to get a reasonably flat canopy.




The slower growing one at the front has been LST'd into a semicircle without topping. Got about 6 growing tips exposed, but I think it's going to need to stay in veg for longer than the other two - maybe two more weeks for it and a week for the others.


These are bagseed from mostly sensemilla so likely hermi eventually, but I'm enjoying tweaking things like the timer based watering system and getting ready for the malawi gold regular seeds I have ready to go once these are flowering well. I'll take seeded weed if I get any as a bonus for the lessons I've learned - and I'll throw any seeds away because they'll also be hermaphrodites.


Clones are all showing perky new growth - the most recent ones still look a little battered round the edges but the older ones are taking off.




Finally got around to hooking up the 12v pump http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Ultra-quiet-Mini-DC-12V-3M-240L-H-Brushless-Motor-Submersible-Water-Pump-New-XB/252758870485 and timer module http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DC-5V-12V-Multifunction-Self-lock-Relay-PLC-Cycle-Timer-Module-Delay-Time-Switch/262953754320 I got on ebay with Bunnings poly 4 mm tubing and fittings for t piece drippers around each plant, individually fed via a 13mm poly tap controlling the flow from the pump output. The pump is at the left of this next photo showing the taps and risers connecting to 4mm tube. The water flows out in the pot through a ring around the plant stem made up from 4mm tube joining 4 t pieces, each with one branch open so they drip into the pot.




I have a 20L water can from Bunnings for nutrients attached to the pump as a reservoir, lifted a few inches so it will gravity prime the pump line - not self priming and won't work unless primed by gravity. I've switched over to maxigrow @ 1.75g/L from canna coco to see how that worked - got a huge growth spurt these last few days. Will change to maxibloom in the same dose for so called "Lucas formula" with calmagic supplementation because I'm in coir.




The timer is currently set to run for 10 seconds every 4 hours and I'm adjusting the taps to balance the run off from each pot. The red numbers upside down at the top left of the image below is the timer in a plastic box wired to the pump down at the floor. My original plan was to use a moisture sensor to trigger watering but I've read that regular small watering works wonders in coco once the roots are filling the pot so I've just switched from hand watering most days to small drinks every 4 hours, setting the taps and the timer to ensure that there's obvious run off from each pot after each session. I've moved that glowing red dial out of the tent in preparation for flowering next week.


Those white spots on the pots are roots poking out - they're all over each pot so I can confirm that these http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/4Pcs-Pack-Fabric-Grow-Pots-Breathable-Plant-Bags-1-2-3-5-7-10-15-20-Gallon-Bag-/152526618529 cheap fabric pots from ebay seem to really work well with coco. Small tent so can't flower all 3 in the 2 gallon I'd planned.


Now have a true 125W of efficient consumer white LED E27 bulbs.




These http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2-3-4x-9W-12W-15W-18W-36W-B22-E27-LED-SMD-Globe-Light-Bulb-Spotlight-Lamp-ES-BC/201864658766?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=501884436145 were cheap at $25/pair - price has gone up to $32 I see today. They use 72 SMD 5730 chips which are being driven well below their rated power of half a watt each - only using 25W actual so probably 2500 Lumen per bulb based on the efficiency of the 5730 according to https://www.saving-star.com/smd-led-comparison/

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