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grow problems



hey guys, I'm new this this whole thing, second grow.
the other day my lights turned off at 7pm for 12 hours and when i checked the next morning one of my plants out of 3 had dried right up and every leaf on it had turned brown and died, I'm 2 weeks into flower and the buds are green but pistols are brown/amber, I'm not sure on what do!!!
it all just happened over night, i have broke it down to either over watering or way to much heat that day. what should i do!!?? I'm in a 4x4 tent with a fan blowing in, other plants are fine, strain is G13 haze. any reply would be great
thanks! ps. ill try take a photo and upload it


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nah because thats why I'm asking, i don't wanna pull the dead one yet just incase the buds can still grow cause there still green just all the leaves have died off but still small buds cause its week 2, I'm growing in coco, ph'd at 5.7-5.8 in a ppk grow but instead of a main res they are there own res underneath. 5 gallon pots. buds and sugar leaves aren't burnt/affected apart from pistols turned brown/amber already, I'm trying to get pics but its not uploading on here... think ill chuck it and stick with the 2 plants and start some GSC autos in the process

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I had a problem wiyh an outdoor hydro plant near in ground plants. It got stressed out and turned hermie and polinated my other girls. Just saying be careful.
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