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HI Serrated edge ,

We are small family company entering the medical marijuana industry in Australia with a great deal of experience behind us, and we are seeking a grower with advanced knowledge on large indoor crops .

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Were currently,  as you are probably  aware still in the application phase we hope to be fully operational in a year or so  

crop size will be determined once all regulations are public, 


Do you know of anyone that would be interested ?

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We are looking for someone with experience with a number of lights.happy to keep chat up in private if you think you might know someone who is looking for an opportunity

What state are you in ?

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experience with a number of lights? All this means is measuring light output over the area you want the light to reach and then if you need more - add more.


This doesn't make one an expert does it? Because then again - its all apart of it and most of us would fit that bill.

Technical knowledge is only gathered by one thats bothered to read and re-read, ask questions and learn.


Much of what light to use and when is well documented too.


Personally I am a very senior technical IT person, so to me technical information matters - but does that make me an expert? One could grow (and they do) IMO better than me and have no technical information at all.

So kinda hard to know if one is suited to what you are after.  

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ooo wow ... change your plans and just learn as you go at OzStoners, just like 10,000 other folk who learnt here did. At OzStoners you have access to multiple,expert stoned opinion 24/7 and No cover charge!  you cannot top that i dont care who you are


really at the end of the day you are just playing if you have no serious capital, as there will be an avalanche well researched and seriously funded groups going for Govt. licenses/ permits or whatever they will be

any form of legalized Cannabis Enterprise either for medical or recreation will be the biggest bonanza since .. since .. a bloody long time anyways



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Hmm yeah id have to agree with those guys. i am confused by the question.


i would have said "looking for an expert grower" as it doesn't really matter on the size of the facility if your simply looking for a canna botany expert.


Yes the load gets tough but any expert certainly knows this.


daisy chaining lights is a very simple affair as long as you are paying the power bill .


i would also opt for autoflowering strains and use mixed daylight and led lighting to cut costs perhaps cob leds. and run them on 18/6 right through the flowering phase. which gets me thinking ..


Most of your answers or work could come from here directly it sounds like you simply need a expert advice! hahaha ;) GL :)

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I think they mean an experienced grower with a head for lighting and rotations. On such a large set up, I think you would be better off with a bespoke system otherwise the labour would be too intensive. Lighting is easy and new leds are good and (relatively) cheap.
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I can help with that I'm in Wa and know exactly what you need I'm a third generation grower from newzealand if you are interested please contact me I have had a lot of experienc in large operations and can easily cater to what you are looking for.


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Hi i think that i might fit the bill. I dont like to call myself an expert - but i have had a lot of experience.

I am in Melbourne also.

I would prefer to give my experience privately for obvious reasons.

Btw i am female. In my 40's.

Thanks. Mel

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So their looking for a person with Commercial size grow experience with MJ... Try a bikie gang but that wont pass the police check needed will it..

Or are your looking for an experienced MJ grower whom also has experience in the hydroponic farming industry with a Horticulture certificate . 

Most of those candidates already work in the industry..

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Because an expert grower doesn't need you you won,t find them on this site.lucky though i have experience with large crops.Shall send you my name address date of birth and lots of nice pics.Neville tried to help you gooses and left back to europe without even a goodbye.Because ?????Apart from Neville Shoemaker comment the rest is sarcasm.I have a true love for cultivating and get upset when i see the ignorant people that will never have true love and passion but are only ones getting in on a liscence because they claim to not ever having smoked.Can you imagine going to interview and have to convince possible employers that you know nothing at all about the job.(I assure you boss i have never seen it smoked it or had anything to do with it.)I dont see why anyone would want to get on board here.It's heart breaking to see that after years of people fighting for the end of prohibition The only ones that seem to stand a chance of a liscence to grow will be no better than big pharma.I wont buy my pot of the government and i have WAY more experience than any of them and will fight even harder to grow my own because I won't buy my ganja of the government,I won't pay tax on a plant I've grown for 30 odd years to a government that took my money house and freedom for growing something that big pharma can't synthesize as of yet and the government keen to fill a multi billion $ nicotine tax that may well come to an end eventually.Everyone keep growing your own.Don't make the most wonderful plant no more than a commodity

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Sorry to bore you with more but I don't know if these are the same people but I was asked if i was interested.I don't understand these posts because it had to be kept very quite even though it s legal.They were going to set up outside of Mildura and even when a meeting was organized i still couldn't be told were it was going to be exactly.Like anyone that truly knows how to grow you are a criminal and not suited for job.This was not stated but i know it's fact.So anyone that will run this wont smoke and will never have grown it.I have been using hybrid seeds from europe before mark emory started posting to Australia.So it will just inspire me to grow better than anything they will come out with(If they get as far as actually being able to sell).So I have now decided that if they will only legalize for big pharma (any corporate)After all this time i will not take a part in any of it

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