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Glove Goo



This is the strongest concentrate you can make easily with no chemistry equipment or chemicals. You will need to harvest a plant to get it though.




1) While harvesting your plants you should always wear rubber or latex gloves. The powder-free, food grade latex types are the best. During the manicuring stage of the harvest you will be handling fresh buds and a lot of the resin and brown hairs will stick to your gloves, particularly the thumb and pointer finger. Change gloves regularly during the harvest because it gets very hard to manicure buds with resin caked all over your fingers, but don't throw away the dirty gloves. Turn them inside out as you pull them off and save them as you go. By the time you've finished harvesting even half a plant all the resin on the used gloves will have oxidised and turned a light or dark brown colour, depending on how long it's been left and how many brown hairs are in it.


2) Turn the gloves the right way out so the resin is on the outside (the way they were when you were wearing them). I do this by gently blowing them up like a balloon until all the fingers pop back out. Do this over a clean piece of aluminium foil in case any of the resin falls off.


3) Let the glove deflate then stretch each finger out one at a time. The resin should fall straight off and any that doesn't will come off easily with a light scrape of your finger. A second person makes this part much easier since you'll be using both hands to stretch the glove fingers.


4) Chop the collected resin into small pieces with scissors and store in an airtight container. A glass container is best but plastic or an old tobacco tin is fine as well.




Take a small amount of your glove goo (about half a match heads worth for your first time) and place it on top of a packed cone in your bong (a hash pipe is not a good way to smoke glove goo). Hold the lighter flame on the Goo for 3 to 5 seconds until it begins to soften or catches alight. Now start sucking down the cone as you would normally do, except suck a bit slower and keep the lighter flame on it until the cone is at least half gone. The goo will burn and melt down as the weed in the cone burns, and the whole thing should burn down without blocking up your cone piece, unless you suck it down too fast.
Smoking goo this way will give you an instant and intense rush. We called it goo because everyone who tried it said that it felt like somebody had poured warm goo over their brain! It really is that strong


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