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What To Do?

legalize it


My damn dog has gotten to my plants and has pulled them from the ground and left them lying out exposed all day in the sun. I found them in the afternoon and they were very dried out and wilted.

I have re-potted them but I'm not sure if I'm wasting my time because of the state they look. Its the next day now and the leaves have gone crispy and it looks like shit. The roots have copped a flogging as well so I'm gutted.

My question is, is there anything I can do to try to nurse it back to health or is it a lost cause due to drying out and root damage? Will it help if I move it in shade to try to prevent from further stressing it out? I'm at a loss at the moment


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Sorry to hear. Doesn't sound promising. All you can do is what you have done already and yes move them into the shade for now. They may regrow from any green tips left if you are lucky fingers crossed.


:peace: MongyMan

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Thanks Mongy, I misted it last night and this morning and will continue to give a light mist during the day. I will give it a few more days until I cut my losses and give up on it but for now they are in intensive care lol.

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Any luck yet mate? My dog has eaten a few of my plants over the years. He loves it. I make cages out of the small rodent mesh from bunnings. It stops anything larger than a slug getting at em while they're small. When I trim a harvest my dog will sit there and wait for me to drop a bud on the floor. He won't touch the leaf unless he's desperate. I usually throw him a bud or two while I trim so he feels involved. My dog will eat a small handful of wet bud no worries but can only handle about a quarter of a gram of dried stuff. Any more than that and he's seriously greened out. When I go and check my plants I'll rip off a few leaves for him to keep him happy. If I didn't I reckon he'd get in there do damage cause he's not getting the attention and the plants are.
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They are both on life support still but one of the two looks like it will make a comeback. Although I wont be getting much off it due to the size of it now, Its only for medicinal personal use as a painkiller so any little bit helps. The other one is fighting its guts out too but its not looking too good at all for it. It suffered a lot more root damage but I figure as long as there is still green in the stems ill give it all the time it needs to try to make a comeback (defiantly in denial). I had them in a fenced off area and thought I had them secure but my 7 month 45kg Great Dane thought otherwise.

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The best thing to do bro straight up is smash all the leaves off and only leave the top ones it will pick up okay my fucking dog just got at mine dw bout the leaves lol thell come back


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