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in to deep

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first newby to growing




ive started growing,

shits exciting!! apart from not having the experience to know exactly whats going on in my grow tent.


im having a bit of trouble with the plants health, probly went wrong with four different strains ( i have 4 plants in tent ) one of the plants seem to be going ok.


lock outs etc im not to sure whats going on. temp, humitity, ph, nutes all following what ive been told.


a couple times along the way ive burnt leaves a little after being away for a few days, spider mites ( on 1 plant ) that ive just sprayed with organic on all plants. does this slow down growth?


the three plants are all clones from other people so maybe the were not to good in the first place. one is from seed


into third week of veg and the four are all different sizes, bushier than each other.


growth seems to be very slow, maybe in just impatient i dont know


any help info would be much appreciated


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Looks like it could be root rot? Grab a box of fongarid from bunnings and mix it into your resevoir for a week then clean EVERYTHING incl resevoirs, soil testers etc can be hard to get rid of and will eventually kill your plants. Make sure your temps are below 30 degrees and your not overwatering them. they should be scavenging for water in veg stage so the roots dig deeper
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yellow drying out leaves curling up, is likely root rott. pictures are unclear. You need to fix the cause of the problem (likely temp) or it will reoccur. Also keep your res out of direct sun as it creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Grab a bottle of cannazyme from your local hydro shop too it will eat away at the dead roots
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