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First Glog, Ive got some issues, Chime in




Hi guys


I currently have 4 Hybrid (Genetic unknown), Sativa dominant girls growing in pots on my balcony. They get solid 8 hours of sun a day and were very strong during their seedling phase. However lately I've been having inconstant growth, node splitting, copper spots appearing on my leaves and, most recently, black leaf tips and new growth is very light green.


They are short, bushy sturdy plants but growth seems to of slowed lately.


I'm lightly fertilizing with Organic Charlie Carp, 5ml per 1L every two weeks or so. Ive had success with this method in the past and 2 of the plants aren't having any issues at all.


Ph ranges from 6.2-6.8,


Please check out the attached photos, Id love some feedback.

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