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Basic Information regarding grow



So here I go, attempting to get a routine on the ball and gather as much information I can in the process. I have a close mate who is growing and had a plant he was just going to "get rid of" so I suggested I'd take it and see what I can learn regarding growing as then I can start my own process. I've never attempted to grow before due to needing to learn so much information from scratch and generally as quickly as possible if it's a first experience. So receiving a plant at the point where it's flowering, allows me to learn the basics behind maintaining a plant once it's gone beyond the first few stages like germination etc. I have issues with learning and I generally don't even attempt to learn new things, but if I feel I can make use of the information I'm taking in, I can maintain a regular learning process and actually retain most of the information. Growing is something I've always wanted to try but just always had blown myself away with too much information trying to read up on how to grow a plan from start to crop to repeat.


So here is some quick information regarding the plant I now am taking care of from what I have been told (vaguely and will update this with more information):

* It's an AK47

* Not sure if clone or grown from seed.

* It was grown alongside 2 females in a 1mX1m tent

* It was grown as a male but currently being converted (not sure of terminology) to a female using *** (Will get name of product) which I'm spraying the plant 1x a day with.in the evenings.

* It's outdoors during the day, being moved to chase sun and Indoors at night.

* It's pollinating from opening flowers

* It's producing lots of sacks/balls/pollinating idk what to call them. Of which I am attempting to remove one by one.

* The soil is a coconut skin blend (Again will find out more information)


I'll include photo's of the tops and the sacks that I can see. (Album "Bruce" which is apparently attached)


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