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Hi this is my first glog for my third grow. Fruity Chronic Juice (chronic x white widow)


I was recently convinced by a friend of mine that I should set up a small system so I did starting with a second hand ballest and shade and utilising materials and aquarium parts I hade laying around the house I set up a crude and basic grow room the first run I grew The Doctor but due to lack of knowledge I made critical errors with temp air/water, nutrients, ph and lack of airflow the yield was small and the quality lacking. the second run I grew Money Maker and again had the same issues. This time I have done more research and upgraded key components in my system changing lighting from a 400w hps to a 600w mh for veg and a 600w hps for bloom, I also installed a 6" extraction fan with carbon filter, after a small amount of research into different nutrients and mainly how, when and what the plants need them. I came across a company called Advanced Nutrients, they offer a wide range of base nutrients and additives designed and tested for cannabis. so I purchased their ph perfect 3 forlmula (grow, micro and bloom) and some of their additives/boosters, voodoo juice for root development and health, B52 for essential b vitamins, overdrive to keep the plant active throughout the bloom cycle instead of it declining about three weeks into bloom, big bud delivering not only potassium, phosphorus and magnesium but important L-form amino acids, citric acid and ascorbic acid for larger, denser and more potent bud and also bud factor x that was designed to increase the resins and essential oils in the plant giving a boost to the terpine profile and overall potency


I have a small room with a an area over 2m x 2m sectioned off with a trellis system for a sea of green the ceiling height is about 3m and im growing 1 plant in a 25L pot using a recirculating drip system. For the veg I used a 600w mh and now have a 600w hps in for the bloom. I have a 6" inline extractor fan and carbon filter for air flow. Im using a mix of coco and perlite as my growing medium. today I put her into darkness and she will stay there for 2 days then 600w hps 12/12 the room temp does not exceed 26 deg and the water temp sits around 24 using the ph perfect range from advance nutrients has made thing so much simpler with less adjustments to my reservoir and a more stable feed for my plant


I will be uploading photos of my girl soon, thanks


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