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The beginning



Hi every one, I've been lurking on the forums here for about 4 months now and have learnt so much valuable information, especially by reading grow logs. After umming and arring I've decided to start my own grow log to share my progress/learning curb and to get tips and ideas from others as I go along.


I'm on a smallish budget and have been collecting the supplies I needed to get started over the past few months. to begin this grow I have:


1x1x2m cheapie tent off ebay

130w cfl bulb, reflector and yoyo's (also cheap off ebay)

Nutrifield coco a & b

Nutrifield coco coir bricks



a cheap ph pen from ebay

a cheap ec pen from ebay

some seeds from Bonza including a Vision Seeds Northern Lights Feminized Seed which I am using for my first grow.


From this first grow I'm really hoping to learn a lot, I plan to try scrogging to increase yield from one plant and am really excited to get started. I decided to set my pot/bucket up in a Hempy bucket type style, I have drilled lots of small holes around the bucket about 1-2cm up from the bottom, I then filled with pearlite to just over the holes and topped the rest up with coco coir with a little pearlite mixed in, for now this bucket is sitting in another bucket which serves to catch any run off.





I put the seed in paper towel to sprout last Wednesday and by Thursday night it was ready to plant, I planted it but had to go away for two nights over the weekend so gave it a good watering and left it in the dark for two days, I think leaving it in the dark may have caused the little one to stretch a little bit in search for light :(. Oh well I have the lights on now and will hook up a timer set for an 18hr light cycle later this evening.




Anyways that's all for now, looking forward to hearing what you all think and posting updates as I go along.


Cheers :)


(sorry about the pics on their side, they show up correctly on my computer but went wonky when I uploaded them and I'm not sure how to rotate them to correct position for the post)




2.5 weeks since first starting my seedling, (feels like a lot longer) still quite long/tall but I think the stretch has stopped after turning on the light and setting up the timer. I'm supporting her with a bamboo stick and have put a fan in the tent to hopefully help the stem strengthen up, I also lowered the light today so its probably about 40-50cm above the plant now.


I watered her on the 5th with about 300ml of nutrient water and again on the 10th with about 200ml (I had made up 500ml) I Think I'll make up another 500ml later today or tomorrow and giver her the whole lot.


I feel like she might be coming along a bit slowly can any one give me some input on this? (see attached pics)




Before lowering light:



After lowering the light:





Cheers, hope you all enjoy the pics :)

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I'm thinking that I'll use the cfl till just after I switch to flowering when I'll try and get a hps set up, still got to do some research into how many watts I will get though. I'm in quite a cold area so hopefully the hps will also help to keep her warm as we go into winter, otherwise I may have just stuck with the cfl although I am hoping for an oz or two and realize the hps will probably help to increase the yield as well. 

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