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Critical Jack and Chronic Ryder in Coco and Rocket pots



Greetings fellow cultivators.....


This is my second thread on this site, the first was a brief enquiry about growing in Aus, and to be quite frank, the response from @midget pissed me off.







I would avoid the CO2 if this is your first grow and really hate to burst your bubble but the Helios 6 and 2 arent the ducks nuts... they are chinese multichips...


Hope you didnt buy them in the UK because they can be found much cheaper elswhere.....they claim to use anywhere from epistar to CREE to bridgelux LEDs... well there you will have one problem..they quality from all of those are different and I highly doubt they are using many crees...


Not trying to burst your bubble but multipchips and mono's are proven to grow less efficiently than white leds... in fact the few "good" manufactureres are using predominantly whites and adding reds for flower...


just so you know..... dont get your hopes up on big yield that you see on forums or youtube... all is not as it seems


Hardly the warmest welcome...... I'm no newbie to growing, and I thought I should show you what my crappy Helios LEDs can do...... :D


I'm growing in a 1.4m x 1.4m tent with 6" air exhaust and 4" intake, initially running 24/7...




The plants:-


2 x Critical Jack Auto - This strain by Dinafem has genetics from all sorts... Critical Mass, Jack Herer, Shiva Shunk, Northern Lights #5, O Haze and Lowryder. It is a high CDB strain, and takes 70 days from seedling to harvest. It reaches up to 2 or 3 feet high under appropriate conditions, with lots of light, warm temperature, and an aired substrate. But it doesn´t grow much if the conditions are not perfect, yet quality is always good. The quality of the final product is what makes the difference from less enhanced strains. I should look forward to hard tight buds, strong odours, completely covered with resin, and intense sweet flavour, with hints of lemon and frankincense.


1 x Chronic Ryder Auto - This is another strain from the Joint Doctor... a cross of Lowryder #2 and Chronic, taking 65 days to harvest. It can pack on a lot of weight due to its dense, prolific budding, producing very large, resinous nuggets with 12-14% THC.


I planted the seeds direct in 100% Coco each in a 22L airpot, covered them with clingfilm, and 3 days later they germinated and popped their little heads through. I gave them a 0.6EC feed and the next day 0.7.


They stayed on 0.7EC till day 6, and on day 7, I upped the EC to 0.8, which they stayed on until day 9. On day 10, I increased the EC to 0.9.


I fed them the House and Garden Coco 2 part nutrients, and they had 1x Helios 6 and 2x Helios 2's, 28" above the plants on a 18/6 schedule.

As well as the H&G Coco nutes. they got the following H&G additives....


Drip Clean 0.1ml/L

Roots Excelurator 0.2ml/L

Amino Treatment 0.1ml/L

Nitrogen 27% Boost 0.1ml/L


....plus they get a little CalMag (I use 0.1ml/L as an additional buffer in my 0.2EC tap water), and I use Silicon as a pH up. The plants also receive silicon from the Amino Extract, and I understand the Coco is enhanced with CalMag as well as being buffered.


I hand watered them 0.5L pH 5.8, 3-4 times a day to get a semi-hydroponic effect, and they seemed to lap it up...


gallery_53977_1445_364610.jpg day 10




By day 21, they were hungry and thirsty, taking feeds 3 times a day by hand, at EC1.2 and pH 5.8. Run off was EC 0.7.

Additives this week:


Drip Clean 0.1 ml/L

Roots Excellurator 0.3 ml/L

Amino Extract 0.3 ml/L

Nitrogen 0.3 ml/L

Multizyme 0.75 ml/L


I finally got round to setting up the Harvest Master control unit, which I used for previous DWC grows in a sealed environment running CO2...... well this is a tent, and although CO2 might help with high temps.... there is too much extraction, and I would be forever pumping CO2 in. I'm just using it as a simple environment controller.


The Harvest Master has worked wonders keeping the temps and RH within reasonable limits, now I get a max of 28 and a min of 22, and RH is between 50 and 70%. The lights are now on 20/4.... another bonus of the Harvest Master and it's excellent climate control.


gallery_53977_1445_216239.jpg day 21


On day 29, I installed the Blumat watering system, nice piece of kit.....


By day 35 ECwas 1.6, pH 5.8

Drip Clean 0.1ml/L

Roots Excellurator 0.3ml/L

Amino Treatment 0.4ml/L

Multizyme 1ml/L

Nitrogen 0.35ml/L


gallery_53977_1445_342478.jpg day 35 (clockwise from rear... Critical Jack 1, Chronic Ryder, Critical Jack 2)


By day 45, Critical Jack 2 was proving to be massive for an auto (1.55m from the floor), the light was up at max height and I had about 6 inches clearance. She was flowering nicely, I had to remove some of the lower feeble stems, and I also bent some of the main stems at the sides over towards the free space at the back to stop the buds being crushed as the tent sucks in, and also to give me some space to pull her away from the Chronic Ryder.... it was getting a bit congested in the middle of the tent. She was getting light from her own Helios Pro 2 and a bit of spread from the Helios 6.


Chronic Ryder was moving in the right direction, well into flowering, she was getting frosty and the flowers were building nicely. she was about a week ahead of Critical Jack 2, and was getting the full force of the Helios 6 at 10 inches.


Critical Jack 1 was smaller and about 10 days behind her sister.

gallery_53977_1445_130294.jpg day 45


At day 66 the Girls had put on weight and were flowering beautifully.... those Critical Jacks were huge, Critical Jack 1 hit the light so I had to bend her main cola over a little. She has at least another month, so will have more room to spread out once I've harvested the Chronic Ryder, which was almost done, she's supposed to finish on day 65, but one day later than advertised, she was still pushing out new flowers. I reckon she had another week before I start a 10 day flush


gallery_53977_1445_401721.jpg day 66


gallery_53977_1445_333948.jpg Chronic Ryder at day 66


I harvested Chronic Ryder at day 78, she gave me 4.5 ounces of very heavy stick bud


gallery_53977_1445_441499.jpg Critical Jack 2 at day 72


I harvested Critical Jack 2 on day 80, and she delivered an amazing 8.8 ounces of nice zingy lemony bud, that initially picked you up,then came crashing down with a heavy stone.... nice stuff.


gallery_53977_1445_83035.jpg Criticaal Jack 1 at day 88


I chopped Critical Jack1 on daay 93.... much laater than the advertised 75 days, but she had the tent to herself for the laast 2 weeks, so had a chance to use all the lights and fatten up, giving me 6.1 ounces...


So, @Midget my poxy Helios lights managed to deliver 19.4 ounces of prime, grade A bud from a 1.4m2 tent and 3 Autos.



Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


Currently I'm growing some Dutch Passion Blue Automazar,and Think Different, I'll let you know how I get on....


Thanks for taking a look, and I hoe I get a better welcome this time :)


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you still thinking about LUX and Luminens two 200W evenly next to each other can cover it- put smaller pots in SOG. or use two tents one for veg the other for flower- both with 400W. Increase productivity.

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you still thinking about LUX and Luminens two 200W evenly next to each other can cover it- put smaller pots in SOG. or use two tents one for veg the other for flower- both with 400W. Increase productivity.

PAR- Photoactive radiation is greater in a 200W LED than a 250W HPS- the only assumed issue is the intensity which is garbage-

as long as the radiation is higher the results will be equal or greater. I could have a light in a spectrum such as yellow which is incredibly bright- then have a light which is red and blue which is less, the only thing the plant is looking for is the red and blue which might not be visible due to the yellow.


1- thing ill just say your using the correct LED's not the 1W chip garbage.

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Cheers fatsexytoad, something to bear in mind for sure..... I'm renting after immigrating, so had to get something up quick to save frequent Nimbin trips lol


Now we're looking for our own place, and top of my priorities is privacy and space for independent veg and flowering rooms.


Just have to see what Marcia leaves behind!

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looks nice you got an alright yield from it aswell, looks like it needed a tad more nutrients and watering, how many hours a day did you give it light?

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looks nice you got an alright yield from it aswell, looks like it needed a tad more nutrients and watering, how many hours a day did you give it light?


They started on 24 hours, then after about a month, because of heat issues during the day, I dropped to 18/6, but pretty soon upped it to 20/4, which is how they stayed for all of flowering.  


nice buds Teetee, thanks for sharing


cheers to the both of you for checking in.... all the best of growing karma to you Guys!

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Wow, you have a gift. Not trying to burst your bubble, but imagine what you could do if you invested in better lights :-P. Seriously though, that CR at day 56 is looking unfuckingbelieveable for an auto.

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