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Moving on up



After some good advice it was apparent that my new seedlings would take off after being transfered to larger pots. I had all the rockwool cubes in a square container, resting ontop of canna coco and clay pebbles, and i noticed the roots making their way into the medium within a few hours of me placing the rockwool cubes on top so oviously i needed to pot them quickly. Our cupboards are full of tupperware and i have a plastic container set which has 30 peices of each container, and figured well i need to clean the cupboards out anyway so i need to use something....



Busted out the drill and drilled 2mm holes all over it for drainage and airflow, accidently cracked a few places, but nothing serious






Although small for pots, compared to buckets and other pots iv seen, i dont have a table in my setup room, so height is something i want to take advantage of over area, so i figured (and i dont know if im correct lol) but aslong as the roots have enough length area to stretch out in, then the width of the pot isnt that important, as the roots wont be growing to the sides? this is just a guess so let me know if you think the pots iv chosen are to narrow.. But anyway with these containers they start out smaller at the base and get larger at the top with a little "lip/edge" on the outside which means they will be capable of being "hung" from whatever i decide to put the containers in. ......

I have an idea which im unsure how im going to go about, but ill use an XXL plastic storage tub (same as whats in the pics below but larger) and SOMEHOW cut small squares in the lid, so my tupperware containers "hang" from the lid. I know a foam lid will be easier to cut, BUT a plastic lid will have alot more strength, plus i already have one lol....











I had a bit of a scare ealier last week, and lost one seedling which i think is due to using to much lemon juice in the pre-soak of the rockwool.. i posted about it here https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/71731-seedling-death-unknown-cause/?do=findComment&comment=446407 otherwise my new seedlings are doing ok, one has a slight tip burn on the embryo leaf, otherwise doing well and growing (theres pics of them in the thread i just pasted)


Some update pix, heres my two main gals last week




here they are tonight - they have been potted in the containers and will be spending their first night under the 300W LED light, instead of the CFL bulb


This is New york City Diesel



This is Crystal





Regarding nutrients and feeds, iv fed them once a day, about 3mls per plant...crazy i know but i havent been measuring the nutrients, as iv been using extra week nutrients while they are seedlings, so although using canna coco A and B seperatley according to the label, i have watered them both down. Ill prob do the nutrients on the two bigger ones once i establish a permanent grow pot system for them.

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