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Are you in WA? Iv had good results, but it was only the third attempt which made it to me, so it took 2 months since the date of purchase, but Customs are on that stuff like flies on Sh*t so the sender has to be creative. If you can think of a way to help get them over, be sure to tell the seller. the most recent lot of seeds i purchased i asked the seller to disguise the seeds in an item i purchase often online, so if the intercepted seeds get you put on the customs "alert" list, you can deny having anything to do with the seeds, and just say you ordered you ................ as you always do.

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Not sure witch seed bank you ordered from bro . I order off Amsterdam seed bank and Netherland seeds www.marijuana-seeds.nl. I have one particular breed of seed that took 5trys before they got too me, this was off Amsterdam but they did get there . I really like Nl as there packaging is the best ive come across and im building a fair t shirt collection off their stelth packaging . Also the free seeds u get off NL r normally worth having ie Sensei Kush . Lemon skunk fem ect . I would suggest mixing up the receivers name and possibly address

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I ordered some seeds from Herbies including top $ for super stealth. First attempt failed, second attempt (included in price) failed. That was in Nov '14. Just last week I get a visit from local detective at 8:30 PM with a note form customs re importing seeds. After a friendly chat I had to hand over a small amount of mull +  smoking implement. Ordered to attend "Diversion" session and no charges recorded.

If you have seeds seized by customs you will get a visit from Police - it may be months later so they potentially catch you actually growing.

I got doubly lucky cause they didn't know I had ordered other seeds from different store & they did arrive. They also walked past 2 cupboards in full swing & did nothing ?

Of course  I packed everything up and took the gear to a mates place where the girls are doing nicely.

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 Just last week I get a visit from local detective at 8:30 PM with a note form customs re importing seeds.


Thats worry! I was under the impression that they didn't bother for small amount of seeds?

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Well I could do with some seeds... in time for spring.. as an outside nature grower (haven't done any growing for 40 years } green thumb might be a bit brown by now.

Local would be ideal. I reside in the Wide Bay area, not too keen on getting from overseas,any ideas would be appreciated.G

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Yeah I think there needs to be some generous people that just send out seeds within Australia to lovely like minded souls.. Oh if only... :(  Wish this shit would get decriminalised sometime soon.

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