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I know i said my next post will be on what i learnt about nutrients, but instead of babbling, if their are any other people out there who were in my place (pretty much knowing nothing AT ALL about growing ANY kinds of plants, never mind hydro) then ill include some links down the bottom to some articles/reports/threads that i found really helpful when it comes to explaining thing for a newbie :)


Anyway, i germinated two seeds - the ones i got as freebies from marijuanna-seeds.nl, im still unsure of what strain they are but the initials are WRU.

These were unfeminized so i soaked them for 24hrs with plant oestrogen... as to whether it will help them be / remain female who knows, but no harm in trying right?.and while this experiment cannot PROOVE that it works, IF one of my soaked seeds is male then ill clearly have proof that is doesnt lol... the hormone is called phytoestrogens and its what alot of medications aimed at increasing breast size, helping transsexual achieve breasts and also to calm down menopausal women i suppose?....i dunno, something to do with menopause...ill probably be more interested in that as i get older but for now ill just shrug it.

i got mine from Ebay, and they are labelled feminising pills...and obviously there’s something in them that does its job, they are made in Thailand and those darn lady boys are gorgeous!!- http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/100-CAPS-HERBAL-FEMINIZER-PILLS-Female-Hormone-Estrogen-Breast-Enlargement-/261460073146?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item3ce03c1aba


After soaking the two WRU seeds i did the old paper towel trick, and within 1.5 days they split. While transferring one to the rockwool i tried to be extra careful due to reading how gentle you must be, and i bloody dropped one hahaha. All well ill chuck him in the rockwool and hope for the best.


My second lot of seeds arrived but instead of soaking them in anything or germinating them from paper towel to rockwool, i didn’t want to risk dropping them again...i also figured why the hell must i use the paper towel anyway? seems like a kind of pointless step if your moving them to rockwool.


I have pinned their initials on each rockwool to keep track of the strains. I see one of the WRU sees has poked something out, and it kind of looks like the root, so perhaps it growing upside down?


the others haven’t shown any signs of saying hello, BUT they were placed with the germinated seeds a day after, so it may take some time to see anything.


I have soaked the rockwool in water with a dash of lemon juice as i dont yet have a PH meter and read that rockwool is has a rather high PH. I also added some seaweed root booster, then read online its not a good idea to add fertilisers to seedlings, so i tipped out the water again and made a fresh batch, so the rockwool was in the fertiliser solution for 10mins or so before i swapped it out for plain water and dash of lemon juice.


Im keeping the seeds in the over - sounds off but our oven had a broken seal so it doesnt heat up much, i have it on the keep warm setting which feels warm but not to warm that im unable to touch anything within the oven - about 30 - 34 degreess


BTW the rockwool looks a bit messy as i cut them horizontally as i only had 4, ill be getting more this week in which i will carve a space out and place this square on top...





And heres my possibly upside down sprout









Hopefully this time next week ill have 6 little babies :)




Links to some helpful info on understanding nutrients






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id say WRU is for White Russian, a 50/50 indica/sativa cross between White Widow and AK-47. Very nice strain and good score as freebies. good luck with them, had great success with this strain just on canna bio vega and flores, Rhizotonic and silica to bring up the ph, PK mid flower and bio boost the whole 8-9 week 12/12 cycle. 100% organic really brings out the full flavour and potency in the Russian.

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