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· My babies are almost through their 3rd light cycle now (18/6). I checked them to see how moist the rockwool was. It needed a bit of a feed so I gave them a few squirts of water (just using tap water now PH 6-7 naturally). I noticed (excitedly) that both of the seedlings are showing their first root coming out of the bottom of the rockwool.

· The other seeds that I tried to germinate with the ones that are now flourishing I still have sitting in a container. I read somewhere that some seeds just take a ridiculous amount of time to open. I will wait 20 days (based on one piece of information I read) just to see what happens. Maybe I will be surprised and they will still germinate but I doubt it. As for the others (AK47 etc.), they haven’t opened yet.

· The true leaves are starting to look a little bigger and the sprout is a little taller today.


EDIT: Also, I am going to buy some perlite today to place at the bottom of the tray for the roots to grow through. One of them grew straight into the bottom of the tray turned sideways and started to grow along the bottom of the tray. Hopefully the perlite will allow the development of strong healthy roots before I transplant them.


EDIT: Also also, The other seeds are apparently; AK47 (as mentioned), Nightshade, Violator Kush and some seeds of unknown strain that made there way into my possession through a breeder from Victoria (I think). Hopefully this means that the plants have been climatised to conditions somewhat similar to what I will be growing in. I was reading last night that plants generally do better after a few generations of breeding in the same climate (unless of course their climate of origin is similar to where they are now being grown, in which case, I imagine they would flourish regardless).


EDIT: Ok. So I went to Bunnings and got a 5L bag of Perlite ($8.96). I used about 3L of it to cover the bottom of the tray in about 3cm of it. I then poured about 500ml of water over it and it soaked it all up. I didn't want to disturb them during their sleep cycle but I wanted to have the Perlite in place before they start their next light cycle as I won't be home to do it when its time for their light cycle to start. Thinking about getting rid of the lid of the humidity dome as it is a pain to keep puling in and out without hitting and having to readjust the lights. Also, just not sure it's necessary.


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