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Our set systems.

Shawn G


Hello Stoners,

We really need to change our image in the community! There are so many people enjoying what we enjoy, and I know I am honest. I don't cheat, I don't steal, I don't extort, I don't rip anybody off, I live an honest life, I pay my taxes, but I love the weed! We really have to convince everyone that we simply enjoy what we enjoy! I am not interested in 'Taking someone to the Cleaners'; 'Ripping someone off' or cheating anyone. I am sure I am similar to so many of you; I just want to enjoy my stuff, and escape the horribleness of the world. Everyone else can do what they wish, I don't care! I am just happy to escape! We need to make the general community believe that marijuana doesn't create violence and dishonesty, but that it simply allows some a relief of the tortuous laws and human need to control!

Shawn G


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I think you are right mate.


I think this is something that will inevitably change with time though. With more countries making the laws around weed more relaxed, its only a matter of time until the whole "criminal element" is removed from the marijuana stereotype.


The only people who believe this rubbish are people with next to no knowledge of the herb or the people who smoke (or they do know them but they havent been honest with them) which is more than likely the case.


Its only because of is illegality that people are forced to associate with less desirable elements. 

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Very well said. All my smoking friends are the greatest people I have ever met. Contribute to society and would give the shirt off their back to anyone who needed help.


I'm new here too, so.. Heya ppl =^.^=


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