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GROWING MEDIUM/SOIL STRUCTURE: 70% Tomato potting soil + Dynamic lifter, 30% Perlite

POT/CONTAINER SIZE: ~open to recommendations, will probably try a few different sizes as a bit of an experiment. Started them in seedling pots about 1.5-2x a party cup.

NUTRIENT/FEED MIX: Seasol + powerfeed, tap water


LIGHTING: Mother nature

NUMBER OF PLANTS: 3 (2 Auto ultra lemon haze, 1 strawberry blue dream)


So this glog is mainly for myself but if someone else benefits from it then great. It's my first time growing anything and I'm very open to some help along the way. I realise I'm starting late but I'm hoping the weather here is ideal enough anyway. Big thanks to Herbies for the seeds and customs for not stealing them.


Day 1: Placed seeds between 4 damp towels wet with room temp. tap water. Placed them in a dark closet inside a plastic bag and sent them loving vibes and my best wishes.


Day 2: Out of 3 seeds, 1 had a white tail starting to emerge and another was cracked. (Strawberry dream and Auto Lemon Haze respectively) I waited another 12 hours and then planted these 2 seeds into the potting mix and left the other to continue germing. Made pen holes about 3/4 inch deep and placed the seeds in root down. I gave the soil a good watering of 1ml/1ltr seasol/water before putting the seeds in. ~if anyone has advice on feeding with seasol then hit me up, I'm hesitant to use much of it. Sent the seeds more love, told em they were in good hands and blew some air at them because I heard they like CO2.


Day 5-6: Had been leaving them on the windowsill by night in case of rain, and outside during the day to soak up some rays. Just sprayed with small amounts of tap water daily. Late at night on day 5 I went down for a midnight snack and had a peek, a seed was now sitting on top of the soil. I had a wtf moment and left it overnight. In the morning all 3 plants had sprouted but the seed was still attached to one. Left them until the arvo then decided to carefully pick off the seed with tweezers- came off easily and it looked like the other two sprouts. Told them they were awesome, sent them love and wrote this glog.


EDIT: Day 7- Moved the autos to their final pots, one 25L and another about 3/4 that size. It started pouring as soon as I transplanted them so I hope they're still happy and alive tomorrow.


soil and water pH has been a consistent 6.8


Tips are more than welcome.

seed attached: blogentry-53690-0-56854800-1393572420_thumb.jpg seed off: blogentry-53690-0-93816800-1393572451_thumb.jpg strawberry dream: blogentry-53690-0-30527600-1393572460_thumb.jpg


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Hey Star.

Looks like you're off to good start matey. :thumbsup:

"Don't love'em to death!" & "patience" is the best advice I can pass on to a new grower, being one myself.






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welcome and congrats on your babes

from what i understand seasol is more of a soil conditioner rather than a nutrient

its got compounds and goodies that promote root health and great for transdplant shock too

i use it once a every coupla weeks on me vegie garden and they all love it

the pot mix you using should have plenty of nutes in it for a good w hile too

good luck with them

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Off to a nice start.


If you have just watered them it all good if not the medium is a lil to wet ease off watering to every other day.


IMO there is no need to use the furts every water, they can build up and cause probs over time in a soil based medium...

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