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Need help



Hey this is my first ever time growing, I've tried to do so much research on how to grow but everyone says something different, I wanna try both indoor and outdoor since I already have a tent with a fan but only 2 UV lights and I've been told UV is not good for plants so I've been trying to figure out what are the best lights to use, I've started some outside but most of them grow a little then fall over and die :( I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong the soil always seems to be really dry even when I water them quiet often but I'm scared of drowning them. Someone please help me! :)


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Firstly gratz on your new endevour.  Firstly what UV are they UVB, UVA if there UVB keep them around they will come in handy when yo finally get to flower.

Next if you have grown a tomato tree to bear fruit then use the same method keep it simple at first. And yes there is a ton of info out there i know i have only really started myself. But growing Cannabis is all about time and patients there is nothing hard about growing a weed (lol famous last words) and very much trial and error as you stated you will kill many more before your apprenticeship is up (first successful harvest ). Lighting don't waste your time with anything else you will just get disappointed, by a min 400 watt MH/HPS duel spectrum lamp will save time and money and remember just basic gear dont buy the most expensive ballast the best led on the market there plenty of time for the shinny stuff later. Get to know your grow for awhile try new things and most of all have fun.

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Hi Noni, your best bet would be to have a good read of some grow diaries taking note of their equipment and methods as this may help you decide what you would like to replicate and what would work for your situation.


Deciding on your budget first can help shape the way you decide to grow. HPS or MH lights create a lot of heat so if you decide on using these you will need to budget in good ventilation to cope with this.


Good luck on your new endeavour, if you stick with it and don't get discouraged early you will find it's a hobby that is physically and mentally rewarding not to mention the quality of the buds you grow will be much higher than what you can buy commercially.


Naycha :peace:

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And one other thing simple DO NOT waist time or energy with poor genetics. The amount of people that get a random bush bag seed or beaten within an inch of its life watered down commercial grown bag seed and persist growing with it then ask at 3 mths why mine dont look like yours or what am i doing wrong most time its nothing your doing it's just the maximum capability of that Chemotype/Phenotype you are using.

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Hi Noni - hope your new venture went well for you! Under FAQ's (book on shelf) in our website we answer loads of questions for hydro beginners they are also printable PDF's if you get stuck on any questions we are only a phone call away! Trusted by many real people, real growers :) hydro4u.com.au we are here to help

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