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1st Grow in 25 Years

annono h mann


Hello every one.

As the title says this is the first grow I have done in 25 years.

Started with 9 seedlings, of which 2 were male so their gone, Tasted surprisingly god for age and sex. Looking forward to the end result, should be quite tasty

medium is coco with a small amt of perlite

hand water/feed using Canna Coco parts A&B and Gogo juice in non feed watering

under 400 watt HPS

In the tent are;

3 x skunk#1 x triffid (fems)

2 x power kush x jack flash

1 x thai lights x white ice

1 x lush x blueberry

2 x blue berry

another 3-4 weeks veg then onto flower. mmmm yummy.

Must have been stoned when I originally posted


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Finally, I have found your log... lol looked everywhere except the glogs.


Strains are a bit mixed up though... there are no hindu kush crosses in the tent... yet.


Clones all look great :good:

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Spider mites aaaaarrrrggggggg. Treating with Eco oil and cleaning tent.

I had tried using predatory mites many years ago and found they were expensive and a complete failure so not going down that road again.

Back in the I used Pyrethrum spray to eradicate mites, (not to keen on using this now days). I took to companion planting pyrethrum daisy and never had any ongoing mite problems.

I think I will put a couple of daisy plant in this time as well.

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Wow my first glog. If only I could work out how to post in a forum. Joined this site on the weekend in a desperate attempt to get some advice. Have been researching online for months and haven't achieved a lot other than mass confusion.


Am at my final stage of constructing my grow room but really need some assistance on how to fit it out. Already purchased a Solistek 1000w and splitter. Plan to run 2x600's in a 1.2x2.4 room. Ceiling is 2m.


So many different calculators for ventilation I am now lost.


Have 600 bucks left to ventilate and purchase a thermostat and timers and reflectors. So wat you u recommend.

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