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Flowering indica



blog-0136787001385643846.jpgG'day good people, this is my first entry and upload ect: I took a clone of a mates Gunja plant who was unsure of the strain but it looked like a hearty plant, I had it on veg under 400mh for about 3weeks, I would have liked have left it for another 3 on veg but supply was dwindling. This Indica is growing in 70 %coco peat and 30%perlite, I am using 25ltr of median with a recycling system holding 50 later reservoir . this specimen has been on flower for 3 weeks and due to bugs I had to interrupt by pest control, it always puts plants back when you spray for control, I am using Dutch master original, at this stage Potash, Pythoff which is a root/soil conditioner, I feed 5 times a day for 15 minutes only when lights are on, all fans and pumps are off when light goes off, extractor fan removes the stale air in less than five minutes, there is a fan pushing air from bottom of tent another blowing across the top of plant and into canopy, I have the 600w hps on at night so the temperature change is not to vast. Temperature is between 18 - 30 c, humidity between 40 and 60, water is RAIN water sitting around 20 c ( cooler water holds more oxygen )which does lead to a smoother and cleaner smoke if cured correctly, it also tends to hold a stronger smellblogentry-53143-0-23528100-1385643711_thumb.jpgblogentry-53143-0-10452000-1385643780_thumb.jpgblogentry-53143-0-59456300-1385643823_thumb.jpg


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G'day Trixta. A couple of things that I'd change if I were you. Firstly you are correct to turn your pumps of at night but you shouidn't be turning off your fans. Plants still respire in their night cycle. Second thing would be to get yourself a digital timer and reduce your feeding times to one minute five times a day. By overwatering you are forcing oxygen out of your medium and strangling your plants roots.

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G'day Flipscott, cheers for your advice, I will try having pump on for five 1 minute intervals, even though haven't really had any problems with overwatering doesn't mean I can't improve, I have heard of this 1 minute feeds before so I will give it a crack. In regards to having the fan blowing into and on canopy during the rest cycle I would have thought that you want to try and simulate the outdoors ,the rest period is just that. As the Plants will only use co2 when lights are on and reversed at night, plants will utilise the oxygen only at rest, what is your advise against the extractor fan being on at rest, I heard that it can cause fox tailing if you replace to much co2 during the rest period on flower, cheers flippscott and hope to here back from you, take it easy.
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