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Gnats and yellow cot leaves



blog-0348291001378272360.jpgSo at two weeks I noticed I had some friends, soil was not draining very good either so I re potted all six with perlite/soil blend then topped with more perlite. 4 days later The round leaves are pale and yellowing, also got a brown patch on one seedlings first blade leaf, haven't used nutes yet, any ideas of what's causing this ?


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those coupla of coty leaves do usually yellow off an die after a while as plant grows, so maybe no big deal  cause as ya say pots werent draining real good, re-potted, bit of stress etc

the serrated leaves look ok , keep an eye on them but your biggest danger is from Gnats they can lay thier lavae in the soil and the lavae chews on the new roots

if plants indoor, gnats have no natural predators to keep them at bay, outdoors different story, just keep gnats from getting in grow room

some folks put a layer of sand over the soil in the pot , gnats dont like to burrow thru sharp sand, cuts them up real bad ... hehehe

stick yellow cards catch flying adut gnats, neem solution watered in eliminates gnats lavae in growing medium


good luck with them

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I wouldn't worry about the cotyledons either, new growth looks good.


Hit those gnats with bacillus thuringiensis. make sure it's the 'israelensis' variety. It clears em up quick smart. and it's fully organic bro.

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