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Meh, this guy is funny and all, and Ive seen a few of his vids. Agreed Religion really doesnt take anyone anywhere, unless you allow it. Ritual etc is definitly not for me.

But it goes deeper than that hey.

The BS story.

I'd be more interested in WHY religion smells like BS.

Iinshort myth/religion is only telling part of the story, they have part of the truth.

Its too easy jus tto turn ya nose up and say you better than religion.

I challenge you mate. Dont throw the baby out with the bath water.

What does every Tradition/mystery religion/myth have to do with you?

In there in amoung them all is THE truth, whispering.

He who dares wins.


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Your right, I am entitled to my own opinion as is everyone else. 

I had been through the "christian" college system, no one could ever give me the answers to any  rational explanation why we should fear andd (ahem) pray to an imaginary/fictional "supreme" being.

I am not an educated person, nor have I allowed myself to be brainwashed by so called experts, professors, or any other form of higher intelligence.

I am not human, otherwise I would fit right in with everyone else on this fantastic planet.

As for your Q., What people grasp hold of to believe has nothing to do with me. I will not grasp hold of a belief to survive. What I find intrusive is how others belief, should be espoused to justify every/anything.

Religion never allows for rational thought. It is emotinally and control driven, just like governments.

If you like that, fine. I don't.

What is the truth?? You wont find the truth anywhere. It certainly wouldn't be found on this planet. 

The truth here is distorted by the story tellers, to suit their own ends. 

Why are there so many religious sects? All believing in the same imaginary being.

 why are there always conflicts going on as to who has the bigger relion? 

Who has the right to tell me, what I should or should not believe in?

I believe we are from another planet, there are so many signs all over the globe that indicate to me that we do not come from Earth.

My theory , I am sticking to it.

Good luck to you and all your theology.

By the way what do we "win"?
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Hey MM,


Religion is bullshit!

So is evolution, they are both only theories written in books and yet to be proved.

It does not matter to me if we came from an alien planet or whatever, we have been created by who? I'm sure we will find out one day. I believe in Intelligent design, not accident, all of creation is just too perfect to come from nothing! If we come from aliens, where did they come from I wonder. I suppose it is really a matter of choices and what you care to believe, but woe to those shepherds who are leading the flock astray! Those ones who profess to be god's mouthpiece and trumpet


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I parly agree with you, stoner. The answer will come after our sojourn on this planet. Some say we will be cosmic travellers via our consciousness. Must be the same as astral travelling, who am I to say. As for a divine plan, hmmmmm enlighten me. We may be a part of a greater awareness, we may be part of a collective (individually bound, not with leaders and followers), we may be just a figment of our own imagination. Whatever we are or will be, we were not created from a spare rib, we are not part of the evolution of THIS planet. I don't have the answers, just my own intuition that guides me through this existence. I believe there are a lot of people out there that have had an experience with unconscious travel while they sleep, but do not or can not place the time or place they have been. This is only my assumption, not a scholastic programme. The thing is we all have our choices on what we assume to be the right path in our travels. My choice is to not trust humans with truthful answers, they have proved false over and over. The answer comes from your own belief, the belief of your own inner sight and awareness. Spiritual is a word that has been bastrdised by scholars and theologists, so I stay away from that word.  

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IC MM, The whole religious education thing. Unfortunatley the Church ends up teching something they hadn't intended. I usually turned up to Chruch in my Bike leathers, teh day I got a lifet and wasnt in Black, a Church elder shook my hand looked me up and down and said 'thats better'. I didnt STOP going because of a mate that was there, but I made sure I wore my ripped jeans with my leathers from that day forward. Eventually religion appeard pointless and satifyed nothing. I can see how for some it might but I needed MORE.

For me religion verses a realistic veiw of a spiritual relm are two totally different animals.

One is a pursuit of truth the other attempts to lock it down into a socially acceptable form.

I liek you Mongy have no time for the socially acceptable, I can easily exist on the fringe of society; so for me I WIN freedom, a sence of peace (sometimes), but on the whole I just find the search for what is true about life FUN, and I dont need the edges to be straight. For me its OK if theories look messy because we dont kow everything yet. FOr me imagination is more important than intelligence. The QUANTIY of someones knowledge is no where near as important as their ability to imagin something new.

The above comedian is funny. But he is not smart. I can see he was content to dismiss things with out any real attempt to replace it with anything. A CHILD OF THE 60's man.

I want to tear it all down and build it back again, daily. Go into any new project as if you know nothing. Ask and listen to everything and make up your own mind.

I recently told the dean of a Bible colege that he should whip his arse with the canon, and that he was weak for letting someone else do his thinking for him ... It had the desired effect.


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