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A new beginning.......

Medicine Man


Well the seeds are on the way, yeehaw.

Posted from Overseas on the 15th----arrived in Australia 16th;

I was excited there for a while, but the weekend is here and still seedless;

Good old Aussie post, it leaves a snail trail most times.

In a way I thankful they haven't arrived yet, as I intend doing an outdoor/indoor natural light grow,I need to wait for the

lunar phase to play its part.

I am old school, I like it that way.

Battling pain on a regular basis, I am so looking forward to get things up and growing.

Being who I am, makes it difficult for me to associate with the right people to get what I need to help ease this constant pain.

I am not asking (moderator) anybody for anything.

I would like to, but everyone online is anonymous, trust is met when people are face to face.

Being back here in my old enviroment (cape york was my backyard) is like being in a totally new enviroment.

I know a few, but mostly the faces are all different.

The reason for my being back here is that the tropical weather eases the pain I endure. Sure there is a couple of

cold weeks mid year, or there about, but is nothing like the cold that persists south of the tropic of capricorn.

I was on a cocktail of man made drugsfor 4 years, oxycontin, cerebex, oruvail, pristiq, endep.

Some eased the pain but killed the brain.

The side effects of certain drugs were so bad they put me onto other drugs to balance them.

Then the drugs they gave me to balance the side effects of other drugs, gave me another new case of side effects.

WOW, lucky me.

So there I was bombed out of my head, a haze of constant depression and pain and delusion.

In this haze, I had recollections of all the wonderful and fantastic times I had experienced with "natural" herbs and fungii.

I knew it was time to get back to the natural way of healing.

One by one I ditched all the man made poison, I started to begin thinking clearly again. Fantastic.

2012 I moved North to Cairns, a whole new rehabilitation of body and mind.

The ocean, rivers and mountains.

Swimming is good, the flotation eases all the pressure off my arthritic joints and bones.

Then there is also the fresh air to breate, walking became less like a chore and more enjoyment.

2013 I moved here to Cooya Beach.

Even better. Fewer people closer to the mountains and rivers, and I live by the sea.

So the begining of a new chapter in life.......

Now...... where are those seeds ???


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Onward...fucking onward! Sweet.......your seeds aren't far away......more power to you me boy, enjoy your new chapter in life.



You got that right Sharkie,  I will enjoy nxt phase. ; where do you get all the smilies from? i m not that computer savvy.

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