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Under lights for vegetive growth, then out door for flowering.



Hi ya all.....


I am into sharing with you my method of all year growing using a combination of 600w grow light for vegetive growth (6 weeks x 20hrs) and then using mother nature and the sun 5-6 weeks) to produce juicy tasty fat buds.


I germinate my seeds in small pots of good quality potty mix with gravel at the bottom of each pot for drainage. I make small hole in the soil with my finger as deep as my finger nail and drop a single seed in each. I make sure my soil level is at ph 6.5 and the soil is moist but not over wet. I then place them in a sunny location and I check the soil daily and add small amounts of water if the potty mix feels dry.


My seeds rise from the ground after a couple of days and then start to grow into little seedlings. At 7 days they will have the second set of leaves with serrated edges well-formed and the new centre sprout appearing. By now the seedling plant should be around 40mm high.


At around 10 days when my seedlings have formed the 3rd set of leaves I select 16 of the best and healthiest looking plants and gently transplant into 10Lt plastic pots. The pots have gravel in the 1/4 bottom and then topped with a mix of 50% organic compost mix and 50% potty mix. I water the plants in well and leave in the sunny spot for 4 days.


I then take the 2 week old seedlings in to the indoor grow room.

My room is 2.5m x 2.5m X 2.5m the walls are lined with reflective aluminium sheeting. I have it well ventilated with equal powered intake fans and an exhaust ceiling fan. I also run an oscillating household fan to help circulate the air.


The stand is a 2m x 2m x 300mm heavy duty moulded plastic tray supported on milk crates. I have drilled 6 small drainage holes that sit above a runoff collection bucket.


My light source is a 600w HPS. I run this light for 20hrs on and 4 hrs off over a 24 hr. period.

For the 2 days I hang my light a fair way from the seedlings, no closer than 1 metre. The little plant is shocked and adjusting to the new environment and the light being too close will burn and kill the plant.


For the next 7 days I use a water mister only and spray the plants once per day with water only. Do not use any fertilising food at this stage as it will kill your plants.


After 7 days my little plants look happy and have adjusted to the 20 hr. light cycle. The new leaf sprouts are shooting and the plant is obviously now in grow mode. I drop my light gradually over the next four days until the globe is 200ml from the top of the small plant. The globe will need to rise as your plants grow.


The 1st addition of vegetive grow food is done at 25% of the recommended dose. If the manufactures recommended dose is 20mls per 10lts, then reduce it to 5mls per 10Lts.


For the 2nd week of the indoor grow room I feed each plant 250mls of the watered down feed solution once per day. I still lightly spray the leaf with water only. On the 7th day I feed only water. This assists in clearing any sodium build up in the soil.


For the 3rd week the food dose is raised to 50% of the recommended dose. This level should not be exceeded as it will cause nutrient lock in. Again I feed once per day each plant now receives 330mls and on the 7th day I use water only.


The 4th week is much the same with a volume increase to 500mls per day. The plants are now little shrubs with heaps of lush growth appearing daily. They now stand at a height of 500mm from soil to top


I revert the food back to water 'only' for 2 days and then I do not feed for another 2 days.


So the plants are now 6 weeks old. 2 weeks as outdoor seedlings and 4 weeks of intense artificial light and vegetative food. This is when the lights are reduced to 11 hrs on and 13 hrs off. During this sleep period the plants must not be exposed to any light.


The plants are now on a new food source. The new food is produced for flowering plants.


Again I start this feeding process at 50% of rec. dose.


After the 2 day fasting period and the light reduction the feeding process begins. I feed the plants twice per day 500mls to each plant. I do this when the lights come on and just before the lights go off.


After 7 to 10 days the plants are showing their sex. Any male plants need to be removed as soon as identified.


After another week the female buds are starting to form as the feeding process continues.


This is when I remove the plants out into the outdoors.


Make sure you find a sunny safe place for your heads to mature. Continue feeding your plants for another 3 weeks. The last week before harvest I stop feeding altogether. I watch for the little white hairs on the buds to start turning brown, then I harvest.


Happy days :bounce:

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Great description. I agree with your method entirely. I make a few variations myself. I use very close fluro lights for the first two weeks. 16-18hours. Then I change to a 600 hps for about another 2 weeks. Then the little babies are moved outdoor where they sex within 2 weeks and finish in another 6-8 weeks. If you want to grow all year round you need to use a breed that has a low photochrome period. If you put some breeds into a tropical mid summer they will continue to stay vegitative with poor bud formation. This is due to the high temperature and the 14.5 hour summer days. By moving the trees when they are smaller you can start up to 300 seedlings to a single 600w hps. Also the HPS is better for this than a metal halide. This is because the HPS keeps the internode spacing between the leaves very short. This makes the plant shorter and stockier. This is better for transportation and transplanting. As soon as the trees are moved to the sun, the trees elongate profusely and can almost double in height in one week after transplanting. 


Happy days. 

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