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Noticable Difference ..........



The other week I pulled a little bonsai plant from the flower chamber and hung the two main colas of pretty much identical size one on a rack and one laid horizontally on the rack ..... Looking at them there was a noticeable difference :scratchin:


The bud that was hung vertically dried to be a compact nugg while the one that was laid flat was pretty much the same shape as when it was chopped only with flatish sides and smaller ............

I was wondering if one way was better for

  1. Drying time
  2. Curing time and Quality
  3. Smoke Quality
  4. Storage

The one that was laid flat dried slower than the other ...........The one that was hung took longer to cure ................... If there was any difference in the smoke quality it wasnt noticeable to me ..................... and the problem with growing bonsais is that there isnt any long term storage going on


So I was thinking that maybe even laying them flat on the rack would be better .....dunno .........I do like the look of the solid buds


Its amazing the things you think of while your stond


Cheers :gardening: Brimstond


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Combine the two methods and cure your bonsais custom to your desired smoke style. If you like them more dense, throw them in a bag or box for 24 hours or so around day 3. Keep them dark for rich color and make sure you trim them before drying for more ideal smoke. A piece of Canna sense offered off the top of my head.... Good luck
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lol . Seppos...


Everyone does it different brim, but I think hanging is better, laying em on a surface does not allow proper ventilation all around the bud and as you have seen, squashes the side, which also leaves ya trichs on the said surface instead of ya bud.


As a very rough guide.....


Drying time I use a week, but temps have to be 24-28c, low humidity (under 50%)

If temps are lower of humidity higher, will take longer.


Then once ya stems give a crisp 'snap' its time to go into the jars, leave em open for a few hours after they first go in.

Then seal em up, and store em somewhere cool and darkish.

Next day open em up, air out for 3-4 hours, as a lot of moisture will be in the jar from being sealed first time.


You then 'Burp' the jars once a day for 1-2 hours...or if they feel a lil too moist, 2-4 hours.


I like to cure for 3-6 months, after 2 weeks I only burp every 4-5 days for awhile, then when happy with smoko, I seal the whole jar in a Vac pack and store it in the fridge.


Even a cure of a couple of weeks will greatly improve the taste of the Cannabis, as long as it was flushed properly and ya didnt use shitty PGR's.

After 3-4 months its awesome, probably the best its going to taste.


Hope that helps, go the cure... it makes all the difference....


Peace. Nibbler.

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the buds appear different because as you cut them to hang them theyre still alive ..... you hang horizontally and the colas terminal apex's will follow the light source, when hung upside down apical dominance wont occur (each top shoot from each terminal along the cola won't fight for dominance.... hence buds remain the typical shape youre probably accustomed to observing)...




EDIT- as a side note if your buds were incredibly dense the effect you have witnessed when drying would not be so prominent ....

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