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Intro Matti's coco growing

Matanuska Thunder


I thought that I would start a bog to keep track of growing info that does not make it into my regular posts.


Years ago when I first started to grow cannabis, I used a mix of coco and pearlite. As the years have passed, I have been improving upon my growing methods one was the change from coco pearlite mix to 100% coco. My latest realisation is that used coco is a much better growing medium than using new coco.


I currently use bunnings brand coco, the super fine coco mixed with the larger chipped coco.

The most important thing to remember with cheap coco, is to flush the crap out of the coco, then flush it again.

Just a few months ago I read Louise's post about using dolomite lime in coco, I've taken to using that too.


One of my more controversial growing methods is not to test my PH, I gave up doing that about a year ago.

Using rain water, the Ph of my nutrient water run-off is generally 5.4-5.7. I have recently confirmed that the run-off PH remains at 5.5.


I always water until I get run-off, always. I think this aids in keeping salt build-up to a minimum and keeps the PH at a decent level.


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I always found that the perlite would "float" up to the top of the pot so I stopped mixing it in.

Did yours do that ?

Watering until run off. Great idea and I've always done that.

Never owned any PH meters or any of the other toys either.

Nice read, Matti.

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Excellent Idea MT- Oh, and I get ya with thee perlite. Floaty, messy stuff. Reminds me of those little styro peanut packing thingos lol I like the way coco-only is going so far. Easy to work with for me. I must ry the cheap stuff like you ladies-it would save some bucks for sure, and easily accessible. Vinno
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Hello there mrs,


ermmmm, I love to recycle coco ... thats precisely why i like to use perlite and coco ..... 60/40 coco/perlite...... well one of the dozen reasons.... another is .... greater aeration .... better drainage and a more suited substrate for the perching of ze' roots...... roots seem to enjoy scoping the surface of perlite; speeding the development and establishment of the roots within the medium ...



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Hiya MT, happy new year :peace:


I'm washing up a couple of bricks today to add to some ordinary potting mix for some outdoor veg seedlings (non-cannabis for practice lol ). I'm going to do the dolo-lime/ gogo juice additiones too. Do you think I should flush the shizen out of the potting mix as well? I'm leaning toward just washing the lot cos its pretty cheap stuff.


Peace MT v :sun:

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lol I've never even contemplated washing potting mix... I do leave new bags of potting mix out in the sun for a couple of weeks before using it though... fries up any gnat eggs or other bugs that might be in the bag.


With perlite, it will float out of the mix when you water if the medium is too dry, or if you hit a dryish pot with a heavy stream of water.

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