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Paddo passion pot  

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Hey Guy's here is one for you next time you pop in a plant, grow it with a passionfruit vine first it hides the plant, however the vines has to have leaf's pruned so as sunlight gets to the lower passionfruit leaf's hence the plant get good light. Plus no one knows it's in there and you can inspect your plant any time.


The plant takes on the flavour and smell of the passionfruit vine and, as the passionfruit vine needs to be in full sun and watered the same amount as your plant, the watering work out well. also both the passionfruit vine and, the plant eat the same and, they both grow at the same time of year, you can weave your plant through the vine.


Once your plant is ready to harvest and dryed you will not belive what you have growen. The plant smell like passion fruit as you smoke it and tastes like passion fruit but the passion fruit gives it a almighty boost.


The first time i tryed it, it was only leaf but it was like smokeing a full bud and, no head ache.


Have a go at it you will not be disapointed ,


Stay tuned for more friendly advice from paddo from Down Under


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sounds pretty dumb to go to all that effort, just to smoke some leaf.






Yer it does sound dumb however I didn't grow it mate, but it was nice. (Plus this was back in the 80's) And, i was a trippy smoke, I don't smoke leaf as a general rule (headache city plus it don't do anything for me).


However i am going to plant a plant in with my passionfruit vines and, let them grow up with heads. As they say don't nock it till you have tried it

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Im pretty sure you will find the passionfruit vine will have no influence on the smell and flavour of any other plant you grow with it.



Hey mate, Not being rude, But it does, I had the experiance back in the 80"s the smoke did indead smell like passion fruit and it did taste like passion fruit. \


This is due to the chemical composition of the passionfruit interating with whose of the weed. Passionfruit extract leaves and flowers produce a calming and relaxing effect the pollen from the passion interacts with th resine on the leaves and heads of the weed.


I will have to did up my biochemical and pharmalogical books up to give you the exact accetal and ketones of both plants responsable. You can liken the affect like this = Sugar which is glucose the more water (H-20) you add the weeker the sugar gets this is you are adding 1 extra Hydrogen Molocule and, 2 Oxygen molocule's; where as if you were to remove some of the H20 the glucose/sugare would become much more stronger and, sweeter.


The same goes for growing it with Bannana plants, mMango trees Hence the name (Mango Heads) ,growen with mango trees as the flesh of the decaying ripe fruit interacts with the chemical compostion of pot and causes changes to the quality and strenght. and some other fruits. NOT all fruit trees cause this to happen however.


I can understand your misbelive as i would of thought bullshit to but i have tried weed grown with both passionfruit and mangoes.


I am not saying i know it all as i don't only what i have been showen and told/witnessed over the years, I have 40 years under my belt. I have also been showen many growing methods by alot of different ppl from different walks of life and, countries.


I did'nt put this original post up to bullshit people i just wanted to share some knowlage i have gained over the years, as it is good to share so ppl can try different growing techniques.

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Hey there Paddo, not trying to pick an arguement with you mate , its just that in all my years of horticulture/ gardening etc ive never seen any evidence of plants sharing characterisics just because theyve been grown in the same vecinity, even when grown side by side in a recirculating hydro system sharing the same feed water. Id be happy for you to show me it can be done ,but would like to see some scientific evidence, not just 'i tried some in the 80s me mate grew' . Peace ....devilspine..

BTW..i think you'l find theres quite a few strains out there with mango in their name because they naturally have a mango scent despite where their grown.

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