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Hey bloggers!


Its Saturday night and I am chilling at home with my four cats and two dogs, all of which are in my room, watching "Courious George" and stumbled across this site.

I must say.... I am IMPRESSED!


I always wanted to start a blog and I love the theme of this site so I am excited to have created an account!!


A bit about me:


I work in a demanding job but I am loving where my career is going. I absolutly am devoted to animals. I have 4 cats - Paul, big and fluffy, 4 years old. Sketch, Tiny little white cat with brown and black splodges. Curley, Son of Sketch, he is physically and a little mentally impared but its absolutly the sweetest most beautiful beeing on the planet!. Gingey, son of Sketch, he is only 7 months old and is white with an orange wide stripe down his head and back and is a little sweety. I also have a 13 year old staffy cross named Jaspa, he is old, scared, half bald and ugly, but has the most beautiful puppy face you will ever see an a personality that is so sweet it will rot your teeth. Then there is Misty, the princess. She is a malteese-Shitzu that thinks she is boss. When I put on my 'angry' voice she listens :-P but in private, she is a little fluffy, 1.8 kilo sweetheart.


I live in Brisbane, Australia and I love it. (Apart from the extream heat in summer!!)

I am 26 and currently single.

I love laughing and making people laugh and feel good.

When winter starts to turn into spring is my fav sean

I have always wanted a guy to send me flowers by getting them delivered to my work during the day but that is yet to happen, I dream of that day! lol!

I love Comedy, Jimoen is awesome

I loke sexy cars but know little about them. i just appreciate their look and how they feel to drive.


ANYWAY, Ill sign off for now because I have to get dressed and go pick up my best mate to come over and chilllll.


Look forward to getting to know you all!


Love Peanut.


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