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would lack of Walter make my plant turn male from the stress .



ok so i went out of town for 2 weeks put my plant out side , i put the pot and a bow full of Walter ,


at sum pont i new it was going to run out / use it up and it did ,

i got home and it looked KIA i gave it lots of Walter and pulled the bad leaf off ,


it back to looking good and growing strong , i have seen ppl clone plants to find out the sex but im still new at this i but think im up for it ,


so what do you think the likey hood will be % still 50/50


ill put a pic be for and after/aka right now and see what you think ,

ps ;can you have a Jess what type it is ?? or is it still not big enough , i dont know



be for

-----on the 29/11/11






and now the new pic that are added 18/12/11
















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Nah, lack of Walter would only make the plant less likely to want to cook meth lol


Edit: based on my fairly minimal knowledge I'd say the plant's a sativa, though someone else can confirm. What's that you're growing in? In a couple pics looks almost like charcoal or something , in others looks like very saturated soil :scratchin: ...


I've heard of stress causing plants to turn male, though not sure if lack of watering would have that effect.


In last few pics looking good apart from bit of what seems to be little bit of nute burn here and there.


After googling something like "How to determine if weed plant is male or female", and the plant mature's you'll see. Don't really know anything about cloning as of yet.


Lookin' good :thumbsup:

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Your plant is looking good aye! Maybe try some seasol and/or aquasol fert its organic & will help the plant if it has been stressed due un-regular watering the last 2 weeks but attention & some good old TLC will make it come good again so says a greenthumb.

As for the sex of your plant even with all your pictures it's kinda hard to say a sex as yet...but it doesn't look male so that's a HUGE BONUS :) Just if you keep it outdoors makesure you protection it from being pollonated by bees or then you will get a male which is only good for seeds the bud is useless ;)

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thank`s R.H.Goddard and How_High for your fast feed back , i love this plant its my 1st grow and im Learning a lot .

im happy that you to say its looking good ,im doing my best . this was a test run and i didnt think i would get this far :P

im so i'm so excited i like cant stop looking at it , i would look and check in on it about 10 times a day lol


ok so R.H.Goddard you asked "What's that you're growing in?" its a mix of compost / cow shit / sand and i bit of volcanic rock ,it is dark and free flowing and hold the right amount of Walter,


yes im going to cut back on the nutrients , i have been useing "garden gold" a complete plant food ,its 16%nitrogen /3.5%phosphate /10% potassium /and all that other sub shit , i add about 1 tea spoon or 5 gms to a 1L bottle of hot Walter and leave it for 3 days or so ,and Walter it 1 out of 3 times a week , using tank Walter the other time .


and thinks for help with the type i too was think it was sum kind of sativa




now How_High ty too for helping tell the sex im over the moon that its female what do you mean " Just keep it female" can it go to male ?


im going to get sum of that seasol and/or aquasol fert ,

i keep the plant in side at night under light and of a day out side if there is good sun .


im going to let it get a bit bigger then move it in side for good and start the flowing stage :P

so yes ill say it one more time TY i'm grateful for your help and ill keep you up to date with how it gos.

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By the looks of the leaf edges turned up, now I could be wrong, been a long time, I would say the plant is having trouble with expiration of moisture. We all tend to over water thinking we are doing the right thing by the plant. Whatever your medium I would let it dry right out until the leaves start to droop a bit. Then flush it out with half nutes, flush until run off.

How fresh was the cow shit? It might make the medium to hot for the plant if it was not really dried out. The cow shit I mean!

Make sure to go over the plant for bugs after it is inside. Check under the leaves for any crawlies as that is where they go to get out of the sun.

If you could get another CFL (if that is what you are using, hard to tell) and suspend it around the middle of the plant it will improve it's growth in that area.

Most important is the overwatering. Everyone has done it at one stage. Don't stress either, the plant can pick up bad vibes. Laugh you might, the best plants I have grown have been when I am not stressed. I know a lot of folks who have had the same experience.

Good luck with it all, nice job.

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hi brick50 , i do walter it bit , i have been missing it too on odd times, so your right on with the moisture , ill stop all that for a bit ,


now half nutes like cut back on fert by 1/2 ? as for the cow shit , it from the yerds so old and dry , its on the top part , not in the full mix , it was more of a after add .

i have killed sum bugs but ill go over it sum more times ,


yeah im useing a cfl its a 1x48W 3000k. i have 4x130w big ass 6400k grow lights but there for the grow room thats not yet done ,i can set it up for a temp tell i get the room all set up but i was planing to leave it tell after x miss as i got to go away for 2 week a gen ,so i got to work out that yet ,


did you see the light rack i made in the other blog




thats her way back in 18-10-11


im not to stressed but i know where your comeing from :) , you ppl know your stuff, and im happy to be here,just being abell to tell ppl and chat about this is Great,.


its sad this this Great plant that helps so meany ppl and can be used in so meany ways,is looked down upon i hope sum day others can find the joy and love that we have for this Great plant .but this is off top


any way ty :)

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Hey mate yeah your plant looks like a sativa X strand I think the main reason for the upward leaves is like brick50 said too much water is also a bad thing...if you put your index finger in the pot say 2.5cms & it's dry then water, if it's still damp or wet then skip the watering that day. Also piss that saucer for the pot off lol! Your plant should never SIT in water as it can lead to ROOT ROT let the water run free & water on a AS NEEDED basis.

Another reason for the leaf burn and/or edges could be due to how close your light is to your plant in picture 14 of 14 (the later ones) try to leave room for heat to escape & ventilation for your baby ;) Makesure you transplant it into a BIGGER pot soon (the roots wanna GROW) & it's looking a bit tight for her height. I fert my plants every sunday with organic ferts to avoid damage & shock to the plants also promotes fast growth.

If your growing them under lights or outdoors once you swtich to a 12hr/12hr time routine and/or even 10hr/14hr the plants will FLOWER...just ensure after that if your plant is outdoors for anytime period of time *protect it* with some shade cloth or mesh enclouser to stop bee's pollenating her or all your hard work will be wasted. A female plant can turn male at anytime and it's not due to STRESS or shock....it DUE to poor care & LAZY greentumbs :)

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is it not going to be a Female plant ?

plant understands it is the only Cannabis plant around

plant must decide its own sex ... based on past evolution

plant finally comes to conclusion;

Therefore I must become Female because that is the only way i can reproduce my species


and life rolls on....

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how high i agree with all you said except pissing off the saucer. i would buy the proper trays for the pots to sit in. but never leave water in the trays, unless you are going away for a couple of days. the tray gives the roots a bit of protection from nasties crawling into the root system. not 100% but some is better than none.

oh and the pollinating thingo is not quite correct. cannabis pollen can travel miles and pollinate another plant if conditions and wind are right. so shade cloth will not protect it.

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hey guys ,

i have let the pot dry out im going to re pot it 2 morr night,

i to think it`s starting to get to big for that one its in .ill just ues plan old poting mix ,and ill get proper trays like brick50 was saying :)


as for the leaf burn ,ill move it back a bit, when i have it under lights i have a fan going not far from it,

i think it was when it dryed out from no walter , i wish i got a pic of it ,it looked like shit , all of it was just dry and off green ., i think if it was lefted any longer there would have been no hope of helping it ,


i been runing the light 24/7 too. i was reading that it would not hurt it but i think that for the AUTO FLOWERING Lowryder seeds i have " so justing leting you know that too , ,


and How_High i talk to mine to so it not just you ,


i thank all of you for your time and help i know its not going to be the last time i ask , :)

sum day i hope i can be of help to the next me that pops up :P


if i dant get to say it be for x miss, i wish you all and your familys a very happy christmas and new year :)

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thanks for the wishes and the same to you. if you are going to change pots then don't let them dry right out or you will be holding a plant with all the soil/mix falling off the roots. it must be a little over damp to cling to the roots when you pull it out of the pots.
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Swear Brick you know your shit brotha, good stuff :) I think all growers have a different style just have to find what works for you. I don't use saucers cause I sit my plants on a pallet in a shade cloth enclosure. I find it allows for better drainage & keeping the crawlies off the plants & outta the root system ;)

As for the pollenating most plants turn male due to growers not washing there hands & transfering pollen from flower to flower by accident. I have 60GSM shade cloth bees or pollen are not getting on my babies...so far so GOOD :) Just so many people leave their plants outdoors unprotected & then wonder why a female goes male...nothing worse then spending months & months in the garden for male bud...good for seeds but that is about all.

Same to all you guys & ladies aswell have a safe, happy & merry x-mas season FOLLOWED by a legless New Years for 2012 :girl_devil: :smoke:

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Thanks hh. Just a few years experience and never ending learning curve. I stopped growing from 1986 to 2008 got busted in 86 and thought to myself as the cops led me past my wife holding my 6 month old son. no more growing for a while. Only got back into it in 2008. Had been out door grower from 1970 up to the bust.

Just time and experience. and plenty of reading, in here, books and o/seas growing sites. If you seperate the bullshit from the real posts then you are one step closer to reaching your goals.

Seasons wishes to all as well.

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I had 2 fully budded 4 foot super skunk girls (outside) that ended up in the middle of a cyclone a few yrs back. They were 6 wks into the flowering cycle (totally fem) & then they turned completely male (worst smoke ever). Stress will turn ur girls into boys, but ur talking about a fair bit of stress. If u've had a, one of water shortage, for maybe a couple of hrs, that really shouldn't affect them. U r right with male to female ratios, with bad care of seedlings ur percentages shift from 50/50 to more like 70/30. Good luck.
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I know from a gardening guru grower friend & personal experience that mj plants do not like "wet feet". This includes standing the pot in water (that's how you spell it btw Cookie).


The growing medium you're using would be fairly free flowing with the charcoal so the plant would probably need watering every day but they don't like to sit in water and don't like to be soaked. Check before you water them mate - stick you're finger into the soil, an inch or so down. Does it feel damp, moist or dry? If dry water it, if moist you decide...how hot, rain, how long before you can water it again?


Also, if you have a free flowing medium water & nutrients will travel through the pot quicker so I'd suggest something a bit heavier - good quality potting mix, coco fibre etc for when you transplant. Brick has some good tips. check them out.


Once again, I'm no expert mj grower but this is basic gardening lol


Go for it cookie & good luck!

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hey all im back from Holidays ,it was all right ,


my plant is looking all right too, i left her with a mate and is about 2 weeks in from flowering so you was right it is a female :) ,


ill put sum pics up in a new blog ,ty for all your help

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