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my journey



hi im robin, i live in sydney nsw and i have used cannabis for years now as a way to control the painful effects of a stroke (cause, AVM). i am paralyzed by the stroke and I became a chronic epileptic needing large doses of anti-epileptic medication. yuk, it was a nightmare, the medication deadened me, it stole the luster, life was a series of grey days...


so after several years of this grey day i stopped taking the meds, i have never had another seizure, doctors frequently warn me to get back on the medication but its been nearly 15 years now and things are fine, i haven't had a single seizure.


I was having episodes all the time on the medication, weeks in hospital recovering from deep seizures, loosing my memory, forgetting how to talk and do simple things then I stopped taking everything and started cannabis.


even though my brain scan is still very irregular (highly electrical) it never spills over into a seizure... the control of the paralysis pain (spasticity) is good as well, when i cannot get cannabis i need to get codeine forte which doctors freely proscribe for me but which causes all sorts of ugly side effects i would rather not deal with...




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hi there robin,I have fibromyalgia and for 20 years or so and have had my fair share of meds dish out from doc 's . Some docs early on were like, lets try this and see what happens and at times happen it has ,end up in hospital with ER docs knowing less than fool who wrote the scrips .luckly in resent years not only is there more known about this condition,but have found better docs .I have been eating codeine based med like lollies for year, but about 4 months ago my doc put me on durotram slow release,this and all the other meds are working well for me now ,with up to 6o-70 % of pain dropping away (comes straight back when i stop),but maybe worth asking your doc about,well hope thing keep going well for you . keggy
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hey keggy,


i thank you for sharing your experience with me... i will talk to my doctor about durotram slow release, i have panadol ostio which is great, i use it 3x a day...

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