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CLONING-The Mother



Hi there


I recently cloned from a plant in its 5th week of flower. Indeed, the best choice ive ever made. The regrowth is phenomenal, at least 17 shoots thereby making for a brilliant mother plant. I have now cloned from the mother and have 17 little gorgeous babes on the way. All in uniform height width etc. Im using a 400 watt (Son_T-ARGO) 2 m by 1.2 Growlush tent, a 40 watt inline fan, and of course fan for circulation. Everything is postive, even tried yeat and sugar in bottle with airholes for co2 and im not complaining, apart form the smell, more like a brewary than a grow room lol. I love groeing as it has opened up a whole new world of plant science for me. This plant will certainly overturn governments one day.




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I'm a bit curious about what you did. I was told all my grower's life that flowered plants couldn't be cloned.

you mean you cut a brach with a bud and put it to root again under a 18h light so you could grow a mother?

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:blink: hay wuts up...to be honest theres a book by some guys last name Van Patten and I thought I knew how to clone until i read his book i was off by a mile in my opinion its easier to revert the mother back to veg then cloning a cutting from a flowering mother

look at it like this...if your mother is raggedy and stressed from butchering it a week apart use this as a guide if your mother plant is thriving and beautiful your clones will be healthy and vibrant...temp and nutrients and not being eaten alive by spyder mites IE the enviroment its growing in has alot to do with how your clones turn out and ONLY cut 40% of the mother because everytime you cut you mother plant think of it as a garden hose with holes all through it your nutrients are trying franticly to mend the cuts you just made. Nature made plants that way and until it heals itself the plant wont start to veg again...I hope this helps

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